“In high schools across America
Christian girls are saving themselves for marriage.

Many of these ‘Virgins’ are having anal sex
because the bible does not specifically forbid it.”

For decades, this has also been the justification for teenagers having oral sex as well. Doeds no one get that teenagers will naturally rebel against whatever ‘rules’ are fed them by adults? Hello – it’s what being a teenager is all about:

Not trusting everything you’re told and learning to make your own choices and decisions.

So the more information – good, intelligent, factual information – we can give them, the better the decisions and choices our kids make.


My favourite comment so far on youtube:
Garfunkle and Oates-commentAnd yes, these two young ladies have both appeared on The Big Bang Theory. Look them up on wikipedia (Garfunkle & Oates) for the other songs/projects they’ve done so far – and yes they wrote this song.