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Another stroke of gun-nuttery from The Daily Kos…

In  a gun-nutshell, this family is on a canoe trip when one of the men (aged 24)  needs to pee. They pull onto the bank (this particular stretch of riverbank is referred to as a gravel bar)  and get out of the canoe.  The young man who needs to pee goes off to do so and another man appears waving a gun at the remaining couple (a young man and his wife) on the river’s edge. He screams at them to get off his land. Confusion reigns.

The salient details of this story are confusing and – I’m guessing – not all in as yet. (Click on gun-nuttery above for full story.) But for me those details shouldn’t even be a part of the discussion. For me, the only details that matter are these:\

Vacationers, American citizens on a day excursion in their own country, in their own home state, boating on a river for which they pay taxes to maintain, are threatened at gun point and ultimately shot at – with the end result of one death – all for the crime of exiting their canoe long enough to pee in the bushes.

Tell me again how it’s a constitutional right to bear arms. Go ahead. I dare you.

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