By now I’m sure everyone knows about the people who were arrested for peacefully protesting by singing in the Capitol Rotunda in Wisconsin… but I’m betting this is still going to make you shake your head and look out the window to see if you still live in America.

Another day, another Scott Walker travesty:

This from the youtube bio:

Published on Jul 26, 2013

On Friday July 26 a group of people gathered in the Capitol rotunda to exercise their First Amendment right to petition their government and consult for the common good and so on in song. The Capitol Police brought out an LRAD1000x and announced that the group of people were “unlawfully assembled” and warned that if the they did not disperse the entire group was subject to arrest, but the police took it further than that.

Groups of officers would march into the rotunda and seemingly randomly select 3-5 people and cuff them and bring them downstairs. They did this every 8-12 minutes.

But above the singers were dozens of people watching, bearing witness to the gross police and political misconduct, just checking what was going on, touring the capitol with their family, along with a contingent of Republican staffers getting off watching the real life police porn.

Police started warning random groups of onlookers that if they didn’t immediately disperse they to would be arrested. Many of those warned were tourists visiting from out of town.

Scott Walker is to the US what the Taliban is to Afghanistan. Only difference – the Taliban doesn’t hide in a governor’s mansion – OzMud

=== UPDATE ===

In case you missed the original story, follow it from the beginning here:
My Parents Were Arrested…

and here is the best comment on that blog:
Bobbi Rongstad · Gurney, Wisconsin
Sent to my daughter who responded: This whole thing reminds me of The Hunger Games. There are parts in the books where they talk about the military changing laws and creating new ones to arrest people for whatever reason they see fit. It makes me sick.

I remember when I was a little girl talking to you about what it means to be an American and how lucky I was to have been born one. One example I remember you giving me was that it was ok for me to say Reagan is an idiot and not fear persecution. It appears those times have changed, at least if you live in WI and are vocal about what a douchebag (sorry, but the name just fits) Walker is.

I am still wrapping my head around the hypocrisy of bringing charges against the LCO Harvest camp because of the damage they may do to the forest. As my kids would say….REALLY?