From my emailbox this morning:
Palo Alto CA. passes law making it illegal to sleep in one’s car.

From Change.Org:

On August 6 the City Council of the City of Palo Alto, California passed an ordinance which makes it a crime to sleep in your car. This represents yet another attempt to criminalize poverty and homelessness in this country. If you are found sleeping in your car (which you own) you will be fined up to $1000 (which you probably do not have because you are homeless) or sentenced to jail (in a state with an overcrowding of prisons so bad that the US Supreme Court has ordered it to release inmates).

So I’m guessing the California Highway Patrol advice of pulling off the road and taking a nap when you find yourself falling asleep at the wheel won’t be legal in Palo Alto now. Well sure because the car accidents will be more palatable for the City Council than the possibility of the person napping being homeless.