Watch out Oregon – the Republicans have elected a real doozey to be their new chairman. This from Mother Jones:

Oregon GOP Chair Wants to Sprinkle Nuclear Waste From airplanes

After months of in-fighting, the beleaguered Oregon Republican Party elected a new chairman last weekend. His name is Art Robinson, and he wants to sprinkle radioactive waste from airplanes to build up our resistance to degenerative illnesses. Robinson, who unsuccessfully ran for Congress against progressive Rep. Peter DeFazio in 2010 and 2012, took over after the previous chair resigned in advance of a recall campaign over her alleged financial mismanagement.

Robinson, who has a Ph.D. in chemistry, has marketed himself for the last three decades as an expert on everything from nuclear fallout to AIDS to climate science in the pages of a monthly newsletter, Access to Energy, which he published from his compound in the small town of Cave Junction.

For a professor of chemistry he has some pretty far-fetched ideas of how the world works. He thinks the connection between HIV and AIDS is bogus, that climate-changing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is good for plant and animal life and that the only reason his college alma mater was mostly white males si because most women and black men are not drawn to an education in a difficult field (like chemistry).

He’s got everything it takes to get Sarah Palin’s attention – he’s white, male, middle-aged, and for all his schooling – pretty stupid. I expect we’ll be hearing more about him in the future,  as soon as Palin discovers he does his politicking on Facebook just like her!

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