This Saturday Australia holds a federal election. Kevin Rudd is holding and running for the office of Prime Minister – which is like President, only different.

This is a clip I just caught up with and while I wasn’t really keen on putting him back in office (he was there before – long story LOL) he has just completely won me over. In fact I’ve watched this now at least 5 times – it’s that satisfying to watch an intellectual put a bible-thumping illiterate in his place.

THIS is my definition of a good Christian – watch:


When I posted this video the youtube views were just around 250k. Yesterday it was picked up by Upworthy. They posted it online, to their email list and on Facebook. The number of youtube views jumped to 860k

Just now I noticed the Ellen DeGeneres FB page has re-posted this video with kind words about how good it is to be watching this happen. I have high hopes for this video going viral.

Fingers crossed 🙂

*OOPS! There was more than one clip – I’ve changed my link tuo match the one posted by Upworthy and Ellen so we can track the viewer growth. The link I originally used, btw, ( had grown but only from 250k to 360k. That’s still amazing though – with any luck at all this will start appearing on US television. Well, not FOX probably LOL

Update x2
5:30pm (5th) Views up to 1,2mil !!!

Update x3
5:30am (6th) Views up to 1.8mil (up to 400k on secondary link)

Update x4
1pm (6th) Views up to 2.1mil (up to 412k on secondary link)

Update x5:
Election Final (7th) views up to 2,7mil.

Mr. Rudd didn’t win the election but major elections are a bit different here in Oz than in the US and the party he was representing was not expected to win in the first place, so there’s that. Plus, Rupert Murdoch has been pulling strings behind the scenes with his ownership of Australian Media outlets and a fair portion of the general coverage has been biased against the Labor party.

That said, this particular video clip has gone to almost two and a quarter million views in less than a week’s time and I am hoping that the more it’s viewed, the more people will remember it when confronted by someone charging If you’re a Christian you have to be against the gays. Because no, you really don;t – and here’s a Christian who will explain this to you.

And thanks to all for following this with me 🙂