Every one of these people gave their permission on camera to be filmed. They are proud of their answers. They are proud of their cause. They all share a common ground in their search for the truth in that each person interviewed claims to follow ONLY Glenn Beck, The Blaze, Fox News and are proud to announce they NEVER watch any other news sources.

I refuse to plug their website but if you need to find it – just Google the website name they drop in the clip.

These proud and furious rebels are still mimicking the Benghazi cover-up story – that the president never showed his birth certificate story – so that means he’s not an American story – that he belongs to a secret Islamic Brotherhood story- the he’s to blame for the IRS Scandal story – the list goes unfortunately on.

And this part always get me… as hard as these people are working to impeach Obama (and I suspect standing on a freeway overpass in the full sun in September isn’t easy) only one person could actually name a Republican they would choose to take the president’s place.

The fact that none of these folks can give you an alternative to Obama or the issues of the day just reinforces the suspicion that they are being manipulated. The “Hate Obama” mantra they spout is not their opinion. It belongs to whomever it is spoon-feeding it to them.

Also too and – you should know this is all part of the MASSIVE Impeach Obama Rally meant to stretch from sea to shining sea. Hell it doesn’t 4even stretch across this one overpass.