Typhoon Usagi has left the building. By that I mean that even though at least 25 people lost their lives, more than 3.5 million more have either lost homes, businesses, property or access to food or clean water, the reporters have all gone home and no one is telling us how the Chinese are coping. Or how we can help.

Life, apparently, goes on.

The day Usagi came under our radar I was poised to publish this cartoon, gleaned from my FB newsfeed. It will probably offend some of you (and I apologize for that) but I thought it sent the best -ever message to greedy retailers who are hell-bent on squeezing every last penny out of our wallets before closing shop on Christmas Eve.

250277_337831056309743_915885313_nGo ahead. Tell me you aren’t tempted to get the Nativity scene out in time for Halloween.

Christmas trees in the stores on 01 September? Really people?  Will we be buying Easter Egg kits on New Years Eve as well? Can we merge St. Patrick’s Day with St. Valentine’;s Day too?

Too stupid for words.