The shutdown actually occurred while I was running bar codes through a scanner at the grocery store. My gf took my arm and, reading her Smart Phone said “It’s done! They shut the government down!” Even Australians are in awe of and following this monumentally stupid stunt executed by the US Republicans.

As soon as I got home from the shops my boss called and said “This is so big! This is history! We’re watching history! I told my husband – remember where you were when we got the news because you’ll want to be able to tell the grand-kids one day” and all I could do was sigh and nod my head. Which. of course she couldn’t see but still…

But that’s how big this is. News of the Republican congress doing nothing but taking votes over and over again to repeal Obamacare and eliminate programs designed to feed and house America’s most vulnerable citizens, to the insane de-funding of affordable women’s health clinics has NOT gone unnoticed by the rest of the world. And today’s move has made the US Congress a laughing stock with their global peers.

This whole thing is so surreal. My first thoughts were for my 94 year old mother who depends on her SSI check every month – and my son, hundreds of miles south in another part of California, who depends on his combined disability and SSI checks. It wasn’t enough that my special boy lost his job when Bush trashed the economy – noooo the Repub;icans were’t finished with him yet. So now I’ll be working extra hours to send a bit of grocery money home to my family. Thank God I have a job!

But I’m angry and I don’t do my best work when I’m pissed off so – I’m just going to post links to articles about the shutdown that *I feel*  need to be read. And a couple of poignant graphics.

72% of Americans Opposed to Shutdown Tied to Health-Care Cuts

In a rejection of congressional Republicans’ strategy, Americans overwhelmingly oppose undermining President Barack Obama’s health-care law by shutting down the federal government or resisting an increase in the nation’s debt limit, according to a poll released today.

By 72 percent to 22 percent, Americans oppose Congress “shutting down major activities of the federal government” as a way to stop the Affordable Care Act from going into effect, the national survey from Quinnipiac University found.

By 64 percent to 27 percent, voters don’t want Congress to block an increase in the nation’s $16.7 trillion federal borrowing limit as a way to thwart implementation of the health-care law, which Obama signed into law in 2010 with a goal of insuring millions of Americans, known as “Obamacare.”

The Humiliated, Bizarre Republicans.

The most memorable quote:

The first question is, how long will the shutdown last? Is Boehner doing this to prove a point to his conservative members or is he truly unwilling to fund the government unless Democrats give him some kind of fig leaf or trophy? Several Republicans have already given up the game. The final tug of war between the House and Senate last night was embarrassing for them. They know they’re going to lose, and many of them are prepared to vote for a clean funding bill today. Even high-profile conservatives have publicly questioned Boehner’s decision.

But the night ended on a bizarre note, with House Republicans demanding formal bi-cameral negotiations over a six week stopgap funding bill (as if the lengthy process of regular order were an appropriate way to fund government agencies set to shut down within an hour) after having refused formal negotiations with the Senate over a real budget for six months. Just how Boehner backs out of that one, or squares the demand with Republicans’ extremely public intransigence on the budget this year, is an open question.

Curbing GOP Nuts Power.

I didn’t know this…

Today’s government shutdown is only one act in a budget brinkmanship drama that includes America’s next debt ceiling deadline, scheduled to arrive by Oct. 17. While some Republicans reportedly see the debt ceiling as their strongest leverage, some legal scholars have argued that President Obama could simply refuse to participate, wielding his legal authority – or obligation – to keep paying the bills even if no debt ceiling increase is passed.

But I did know this…


And I wasn’t at all surprised by this…
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