From the Washington Post Online:

It’s a really long read but worth it to see where our representatives stand. 30 Democrats and 27 Republicans are voluntarily not profiting from this shutdown. That’s only 11% of the combined houses however.

For those whinging about the President’s salary here’s a little lesson in Civics:

The President’s salary is constitutionally mandated – he is by law not allowed to refuse it. Same thing with his security team. The office is meant to be protected. The salary isn’t meant to make the person in the office rich – but it is meant to not ever be used as a bargaining chip in any form of negotiation, mediation or in the case of this Republican Congress – ransom.

There are other salaries in the Federal government that are also constitutionally mandatory, but most congressmen and senators are free to decline theirs at any time for any reason.

This is an admiral list – too bad it’s so short.



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