Photo pinched from the Norwegian website Sofie’s Verden:

Mr monopoly

Someone is profiting from the US shutdown and it’s disturbing to think no one in a position to perform actual investigative journalism is paying attention.


The big bear has been circled, tickled, nudged and poked but not actually dragged into daylight and given a name. So here it is:

The millionaire House Republicans currently holding America hostage over a demand that can’t possibly be met have been publicly and unabashedly working towards this exact moment – the shutting down of the American Federal Government – since the day each took office back in 2010. Each one upon his election has openly bragged, warned or hinted to the press that this was the goal – obstruct every piece of legislation produced by the Obama-led administration – no matter what.

But this stratagem only makes sense if someone stands to turn a profit because the only result of it can be a failed economy. And with every failed economy – someone very wealthy becomes suddenly wealthier.

So for me at least, the only image missing from all the photo-shopped graphics and cartoons used to portray the House Republicans as greedy bastards this past week is one of Mr. Monopoly standing over them all pulling their marionette-like strings, making them dance, and laughing at us all.

Why else would John Boehner not put the vote on the floor prior to the deadline on 30 September 013? The votes to keep the government open were there. Everyone knew they were there. Everyone expected a last-minute vote but it was never called. the speaker remained quiet and let the government’s financial security slip silently away.

Obamacare – or the Affordable Care Act – has withstood every trial by fire placed in its path. The American public voted for it when we first voted for Obama in 2008. America voted for it a second time when we voted for Obama and against Romney in 2012. A Supreme court ruled it to be constitutionally sound even amid Republican rants that it wasn’t. Economists the world over have endorsed it’s financial soundness. In fact, every lit match the Republicans have tossed at Obamacare has not only not set the law on fire, but has ricocheted back to burn each of the tossers (pun intended). Why are they so willing to accept the heat?

Obamacare is no longer a piece of legislation that two opposing sides can debate., Obamacare is now law and millions of Americans who didn’t have access to reasonably priced healthcare on 30 September 013 have been signing up for it in droves since 00:00:01am 01 October 013.

No matter how agile House Republicans have proven to be with obstructionist tactics in congress – they cannot put the toothpaste back int he tube. And the thing is, they aren’t even pretending to try.

But there is something happening. Right now – in this moment – stocks are taking a dive. Who is watching to see that insider trading is not taking place among the elected congressional millionaires? Who is guarding against big corporations using this moment to gobble up smaller corporations? buying up small companies hurting from the shutdown?

Someone is making a profit off the middle class collapsing. So the four questions I have are these:

1. Who stands to profit from the shutdown?
2. Who is behind the curtain pulling the strings?
2. How far does the American economy have to sink to satisfy the greed of our unnamed puppeteer?
3. Can President Obama find a way to sever the strings before it’s gone too far?