From Raw Story:

So… yanno those THOUSANDS AND BILLIONS of trucks converging on Washington D.C. to purportedly arrest all the corrupt politicians and get them a deep-fried Obama impeachment?

Here ’tis!

Hey I don’t know about you but I was sure impressed!!! (Full story at top link. Enjoy!)

I would imagine the ham radio jokes aren’t far behind…

Come 2 Wash One, Come 2 Wash One, this is Lead Dog come in

Lead Dog this is Come 2 Wash One, over

Come 2 Wash One, have you seen Come 2 Wash Three, over.

Lead Dog I got Come 2 Wash Two. five and Nine but ‘ppears we lost some of the boys back at the last pit stop. They was showing a Miley Cyrus rerun and they sorta fergot what we was doin’ today. Over

Come 2 Wash One Daymn I’m missin’ Miley? That girl’s got a tongue could lick the barnacles off a boat’s ass. Over


Come 2 Wash One this is Lead Dog… There’s a U-turn up ahead on the left…