From the Daily Beast:

Hallelujah! The Senate on Wednesday reached a deal to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling—and what’s more, House Speaker John Boehner is ready to push it forward in the House. There’s no indication at this point that Republicans will block it. The agreement funds the government through January 15, and raises the debt ceiling through February 7. A separate Senate motion is in the works to commit the two chambers to working on long-term revenue deal.


CNN has this video with Warren Buffet.

And Politicususa has the best news of all:

A new ABC News/Washington Post is putting more pressure on Republicans to surrender. The poll found that disapproval of the Republican handing of the crisis has reached a record high of 74%.

If last week’s finding that a record 70% of Americans disapproved of the Republican Party’s handing of the government shutdown/debt ceiling scared Republicans, this week’s numbers explain why Mitch McConnell is running to Harry Reid to make a deal. In two weeks, disapproval of the Republican handling of the situation has gone from 60%-74%. A whopping 54% strongly disapprove of the way Republicans are handling the government shutdown and the debt ceiling. Congressional Democrats have a 61% disapproval rating on the handling of the shutdown and debt ceiling, but they are in a much better position than the Republican colleagues.

The Republican Party’s plan to blame all of this on President Obama has failed miserably. It doesn’t matter how many times Republicans refer to “Obama’s shutdown.” The president’s polling remains virtually unchanged. Fifty percent disapproved of the president’s handling of the crisis last week. This week that number has risen three points to 53%. The American people are blaming all of Washington, but they are blaming Obama a whole lot less.