I’ve a very dear friend who treats Halloween as her sacred time of year. October 1st sees a life-sized witch standing on her front porch stirring a wrought-iron cauldron teeming with dry ice. Bats hang from grizzly-looking spiderwebs and Jack-o-lanterns line the path to the front door. Throughout her house orange and black bric-a-brac fill every nook and cranny as friends and family have delighted in adding to her collection of Halloween goodies every year, November 1st is her saddest day of the year and she’s been known to put off boxing up all of her Halloween paraphernalia until it’s time to bring home the Thanksgiving Turkey.

So to share in her task of keeping Halloween alive just a bit longer, I thought I would share my favourite ‘social media’ bits of this last Halloween.

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Recipes can be found at this amazing website.  (Drop any image into Google Images to find source.)

and finally… best Halloween baby photo ever…
happy halloween  (Baby photo from the Ellen Degeneres Facebook page.)