December 2013

youtube has 5 clips of a sermon given by Phil Robertson back in 2010.

This is part 3. I don’t expect you to stomach much of this. But between 1:15 and 2:02 should be an eye-opener to anyone calling themselves Christian.

I was raised Christian. This does not resemble anything I was ever taught in my church, nor does it represent the teachings of  the gentle carpenter who washed the feet of slaves and fed starving children.

It’s no mystery why I walked out of Christianity at an early age. I grew to believe in the principles of loving thy neighbour without buying into the mythology that feeds the gullible.

But even if I did still believe in the Bible, I would still recognise that this is a twisted,maniacal interpretation designed solely to line someone’s pockets with gold. Someone unworthy. Like Sarah.

I’m so sorry A&E ever paid this man a single dime. I hope his TV show falls into ruin and his dynasty goes broke.

I have Greek roots Mr. Robertson. Consider yourself cursed.


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An anonymous donor surprised everyone with the thank you billboard to the Batkid placed near San Francisco’s Bay Bridge.thanks batkid

Giving without expecting anything in return – not even a pat on the back – that’s the true spirit of Christmas. And you don’t find it on a book-tour.

Here are a few Olde-Tyme Moose Carols to lift your spirits!

Chris Moose Carols[Click Image to Enlarge]

Happy Holidays one and all – may peace and love guide your journey, keep you warm and protect you from harm…

Fond wishes to all this holiday season 🙂

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Best of FB 01

This actually happened with some guys in Maine.

They dressed the truck up with the guy dummy spread eagle on the roof.
The driver and passengers put on Moose Heads.
Down the Maine Toll Interstate they went, causing about 16 accidents.
Yes there was alcohol involved.
Yes they went to jail.

Although the post’s description of the picture is untrue, (original source might be a website called College Humor) this will remain my absolutely favourite FB post of 2013. Phoney story and all. It’s creative, imaginative and speaks to the idiocy of hunting for sport. And it illustrate how moose are most certainly smarter than most rednecks.

My only criticism is that the dummy on the roof should have been a likeness of Sarah. Oh dear. I sense a photoshop makeover in the near future…

It wasn’t me. Honest. (You believe me right?)

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What Liberals SayThe Republican Party is selling these coffee mugs to help fill their 2014 campaign coffers. I’m guessing it’s meant to make anyone who doesn’t believe in Christ to appear disrespectful and make those who do believe in Christ feel morally superior.


The truth is, there are ten primary religious and ethnic holidays in the month of December that show the reality of living in a multicultural society in the 21st century. No one holiday is any more or less important than the next. And not to belabour the subject, but Christmas isn’t even the oldest. It also occupies only one day while Judaism uses 8 and Kwanzaa lasts for 6.

And… while the traditional Rome-based Christianity practiced by the American Christian culture celebrates Christmas only on the one day, Mexico pays tribute to the birth of Christ by re-enacting Mary & Joseph’s 10 day journey to the inn.

When you look at it, American Christians begin to look like they don’t actually take their own holiday very seriously. Wusses.

Here’s the complete list of December Holidays:

5 – Ashura (Islamic, Muslim)

6 – St. Nicholas Day (International)

8 – Bodhi Day – Buddha’s Enlightenment (Buddhist)

8-16 – Hanukkah* (Jewish)

12 – Virgin of Guadalupe (Mexico)

13 – Santa Lucia Day (Sweden)

16-25 – Las Posadas (Mexico)

25 – Christmas (Christian, Roman Catholic, International)

26 – Boxing Day (Canada, United Kingdom)

26 -Jan 1- Kwanzaa (African-American)

Take that Sarah! First Amendment strikes down yet another Crazy-Palin theory!