youtube has 5 clips of a sermon given by Phil Robertson back in 2010.

This is part 3. I don’t expect you to stomach much of this. But between 1:15 and 2:02 should be an eye-opener to anyone calling themselves Christian.

I was raised Christian. This does not resemble anything I was ever taught in my church, nor does it represent the teachings of  the gentle carpenter who washed the feet of slaves and fed starving children.

It’s no mystery why I walked out of Christianity at an early age. I grew to believe in the principles of loving thy neighbour without buying into the mythology that feeds the gullible.

But even if I did still believe in the Bible, I would still recognise that this is a twisted,maniacal interpretation designed solely to line someone’s pockets with gold. Someone unworthy. Like Sarah.

I’m so sorry A&E ever paid this man a single dime. I hope his TV show falls into ruin and his dynasty goes broke.

I have Greek roots Mr. Robertson. Consider yourself cursed.