There has been so much coverage it’s taken me all weekend to get through all the articles. I’m ignoring the obvious propagandists like Fox Channel, but I have read some opinions from right-wing bloggers and papers like Wall Street Journal and The Hill to be sure I get a complete picture.

At MSNBC’s home page are stories about the timeline of events and the disclosing of the emails and this little article which caught my attention.

There’s a video showing how bady the traffic snarled on the GWB and a copy of the scathing complaint issued by Peter Foye of Port Authority along with his demand that the traffic pattern be restored.

That’s all information I already had. But here’s the new content offered up at the end of the article: A poll was started – it’s less than 24 hours old – it claims to have received 26,000 votes at the time of this post and here are the overwhelming results:

Christie MSNBC Poll
The ticker tape on this poll is still warm from the printer but it’s showing something incredibly important. No matter the opinions of the local or national media, no matter the opinions of Republican pundits and political fixers, THE PUBLIC does not believe Chris Christie when he says he had no idea what was going on.

And I don’t know about you – but my money is on the fact that it is the governor’s email address that was redacted from the emails supplied by the attorneys because there are no government secrets to be protected here. Just the name of one man. Chris Christie.

Why is it always a governor?

====== UPDATE ======

7 hours later the poll has garnered 31,000 votes and is holding the no vote  at 83% . A lot of folks are figuring out that there are only two ways this can go.

1. Either Gov. Christie is so detached from the inner workings of his office and his staff is so diabolically clever they could pull this off from the inside without his knowledge, or…

2. Gov. Christie orchestrated the event, gave the order to close the lanes and is perfectly comfortable lying to the public while tossing his closest, most loyal staffers under a bus.

Either way it’s not looking good for the governor – and this poll is boosting my confidence in the American people.