MSNBC’s Weekend Morning Show – Up with Steve Kornacki is set to deliver a piece of evidence on his Saturday Morning Show Today – actually, as I write this his show is on air – which promises to shed light on what Gov. Christie ‘knew’ about the bridge closures even though he remains firmly rooted in a puddle of denial.

The show is not available to me live so I have to wait until someone on the MSNBC editorial staff decides to post it online. However – I will share with you the lead-in to this story which I found utterly fascinating. It’s all ab out how Gov. Christie has used the excuse of ‘nobody tolkd me anything’ in the past – fired his perceived scapegoat and stood in front of the camera insisting he had been lied to by an important member of his staff.

In fact, the incident sparked the Governor’s 2010 motto of Don’t Lie To The Governor.

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then select the video titled: Christie’s comment that jumped out at Steve

In a nutshell, back in August of 2010, Gov Christie promised his constituents a pile of federal dollars that he ended up niot being able to deliver. But rather than admit his office hadn’t provided all the necessary financial records, he dumped on the man in charge – called him a liar and fired him.

The man wasn’t an idiot however – and put together all the documentation to prove he hadnt lied to the governor but Christie didn’t budge.

As Steve Kornacki put it: Be wary when you watch Christie in action this coming week – he’s danced this dance before.

Anyone else feeling a bit of Deja`vu watching a governor dodge questions and insist his version is the only version you need to know? (Just buy what I’m selling and move on dammit!)


Can’t wait to view his latest show!

====== UPDATE ======

AND HERE IT IS!!! Oh I’m not sure I have enough popcorn to last the weekend!

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If the mice inside Christie’s fragile walls keep turning into lions and speaking out… well we can probably bid the jolly giant a fond farewell 🙂

If only it had been this easy to fell another lying, cheating. greedy governor…