As of Saturday morning, 18 Jan 014, the Christie Scandals piling up consist mainly of these five factors:

Strongarming 3 New Jersey City Mayors (for political retribution and/or demand of personal favours).
*Steve Fulop of Jersey City
*Mark Sokolich of Ft Lee
*Dawn Zimmer of Hoboken

Misappropriation of federal funds intended to aid Hurricane Sandy victims recovery and rebuilding.
*Hoboken City Govt gets less than 1% of the $142 Million relief pkg Christie promised ON LIVE TV
*$25 Million goes to creating Sandy Recovery commercials that double for Christie Campaign Ads

Christies Winning Hand
Mayors over Frauds.

Doesn’t look like much of a winning hand to me. I don’t see how he can dance his way out of this one. I read a line in a story somewhere that said only about 33% of the federal grant money given to the state of New Jersey (via the gov’s office) can be accounted for. (If anyone knows of a link to that story, please share it with us in comments.)

Another tidbit that’s stuck in my head even though I can’t remember the source – some official went to Port Authority where the big binders of emergency services and plans for NY and NJ are kept – there he found 5 large binders overflowing with data for NY – but only one binder for NJ – containing only 3 pages – all redacted. The purpose for having sought these binders was to read the contingency plans NJ had set up for a storm expected to hit post Sandy.

One would think – since we know the Governor personally had 35 new hires employed at the Port Authority just to oversee the welfare of NJ, at least one of them would have been able to keep the emergency contingency plans current? No? Maybe the governor thought The Hulk or Spiderman would dash in to save him.

Christie and his band of merry men look and sound more and more like the Palin clan, every day.