Well this is a fun story. One can’t say that about most budding scandals – but NJ is in Scandal-Discovery-Mode and some of the newest reported scandals are definitely fun reads!

From Salon:

As yet another winter storm barrages the Northeast, municipalities are running critically low on the road salt needed to keep us all from embarrassing ourselves like certain cities in the South. But by New Jersey logic, where there’s traffic, there just might be a scandal.

Over at the Jersey Tomato Press, Diane Lilli is trying to figure out why “thousands of pounds of precious and much needed road salt is sitting in East Rutherford at MetLife stadium.” Lilli points to a press conference held at MetLife Stadium this past December, during which officials — under the authority of Chris Christie — boasted of having 60,000 tons of road salt stored in preparation for the brutal winter.

Meanwhile, an unnamed eyewitness told Lilli that his attempt to get more salt last week from Port Newark was thwarted by the same powers: “‘There were 150-200 big trucks, filled with the salt, our salt,’ he said, obviously upset. ‘I asked for salt, and the guy there told me they were too low, and that it was there, on those trucks, headed to MetLife stadium for the Super Bowl.’”

Visit Salon at link above for full story (I love that there’s a paper called the Jersey Tomato Press – reminds me of my favourite SF restaurant from the 80’s called The Spaghetti Factory!)