Taking a page straight out of the Sarah Palin Dirty Tricks Playbook, g\Gov Christie’s office has just announced it is against policy for anyone in the governor’s office to appear before a legislative committee. Troopergate anyone?

From the Nee Jersey Spotlight:

In an announcement that could set the stage for a constitutional showdown, the Christie administration informed Sen. Robert Gordon (D-Bergen), chairman of the Senate Legislative Oversight Committee, that it is Christie administration policy that no members of the governor’s office are allowed to appear before legislative committees.

“This is a Christie administration policy. There was no such policy before this in previous administrations,” Gordon said yesterday on the eve of his committee hearing focusing on the months of delays by the Department of Community Affairs in getting $600 million in Sandy aid out to homeowners. “This is a huge disadvantage for our inquiry when so many of the decisions are made in the governor’s office.”

It would be an even larger disadvantage for the Joint Legislative Select Committee on Investigation that is probing the Bridgegate scandal, considering that 10 subpoenas issued by the panel — including three new subpoenas issued yesterday — went to current members of the governor’s office and two to former governor’s aides who have since been fired or resigned.

H/T to Rude Attitude the previous comments.