Gates within gates it seems is going to be the Chris Christie theme of governance and if the tip of a flyover during Bridgegate pans out (sorry about that) the noose is only going to tighten more around Christie’s political career.

From Armando at The Daily Kos:

The Newark Star Ledger reports:

The New Jersey legislative committee investigating the Bridgegate scandal will probe records of helicopter rides Gov. Chris Christie took to see if he flew near Fort Lee while lanes leading to the George Washington Bridge were closed, sources told The Post … Sources in the governor’s office said that Christie took a ferry to Ground Zero from Jersey City on the 9/11 anniversary and then flew back to Trenton, but that Wildstein was not on board.

…I was particularly struck by the reference to the helicopter ride on 9/11, because I was recently told by an informed source that “if the records are subpoenaed for the governor’s trip back from the 9/11 Memorial event, they will demonstrate that the governor flew over the George Washington Bridge” on that day. It appears that those records have been subpoenaed and the governor’s office has not issued a denial that the flyover occurred.

If this is true, then Christie will have to explain why he was flown over the bridge on the third day of the politically motivated traffic jam that was engineered by officials in Christie’s office and the Port Authority, to punish Fort Lee’s Democratic mayor.

The only problem I have with the thought of Christie in a helicopter during a flyover is… well… the thought of Christie in a helicopter mat all! My brain just looped a quote from Otis the elevator inventor:


Ok that was my mean girl side coming out – sorry (not 🙂