March 2014

BECAUSE  I’M THE MOTHER was never going to be my reply to any child of mine asking why he or she was told to do something.  From the first trimester with my first child I was determined to always give MY child a reasoned response, explaining why I’d asked him (or her) to do something.

When my first child was only four (and I was several months pregnant with my second), we’d been at my mom’s house where I’d put my adorable munchkin down for an afternoon nap. She kept getting up, however, going into the hallway and calling down the half flight of stairs to where my mom and I were trying to have a cuppa and a conversation, about how unfair it was that we got to stay up and she had to take a nap. I would go to the bottom of the stairs and calmly explain to her why she needed sleep more than the adults. She would give in and go back to bed. Then she’d come to the top of the stairs and the discussion argument would start up all over again.

A good twenty minutes into this, my teenage sister came home from school, listened for a few seconds then asked my mom “How long?” My mom replied “too long”.

My sister walked up behind me and whispered “you know you’re arguing with a 4 year old, right?”

To which the only reply I could muster was “you know she’s winning, right?”

Eventually my mother intervened. She walked right past me, up the stairs, picked up the munchkin and announced “Because I’m the Nana and I said so!”

Hang in there Linda, one of these days you’re bound to win a round with Mateo…


Totally missed this! Was thumbing through youtube and spotted this sequel to Mateo’s video!


From Cool Gadgets Facebook Page – This had me chuckling over and over.″

Which I badly needed considering I’ve just recovered from a major computer crash which set me back a few weeks in all my computer projects – including how I earn a living LOL

Back soon – until then enjoy these two little happy munchkins 🙂