If I had to make a guess I would say it probably has to do with photo rights. Bloggers really do try to not step on toes but sometimes a dispute develops. That’s just a guess of course – but if you are anything like me you’re suffering from a bad case of GIMME MY IMMORAL MINORITY BACK!!!!! blues…

In the meantime here’s an amusing bit pinched from FB:

chair spins


Here’s hoping for a quick recovery…



A quick note from Gryphen says he’s not sure what’s behind the block but he is checking into it. So we wait and see.

*tap*tap*tap* ok. I’m done waiting – scrabble anyone? bubble witch saga? OH GAWD DON’T MAKE ME GO BACK TO FARMVILLE – GAH!

Patience is not my best thing 😛



I’m now betting the shutdown is an administrative error.  A link has been offered in comments allowing us to see the responses Gryphen has received from a help forum. In reading the responses I am reminded that about 2-3 years back I awoke to find my blog had been shutdown due to policy violation – and while I had been mortified at the time, I knew I hadn’t done or written anything inappropriate.

One or two days into my query it turned out to be a new admin not knowing quite how to do his job – apologies had been sent to me, my blog was reinstated and while I never moved off wordpress, I actively looked for a better venue for my blog.

Here’s hoping this is all Gryphen is facing and thawt IM is back up and running soon 🙂

Thanks for the comments – sorry about the trolls – IM trolls coming over here can only mean they miss him too LOL