In a nutshell – Some states have opted to use private probation services. When a person goes to (for example) traffic court and can’t afford to pay the designated fine, the court turns them over to a private probation service for collection rather than setting up a payment plan through the sheriffs office or other state/county run service. And because there are no federal laws mandating any sort of fair practice, these private services are free to charge whatever fees they deem fit.

In the case of the woman in the first video clip, she received a $41.00 fine for a minor traffic violation. She was immediately turned over to a service called JCS who chargfed her $35.00 up front. When she made a $10.00 payment toward her traffic fine, the money was deducted from her JCS fee instead. The money she owed the traffic court remained $41.00. Her JCS fee was reduced to $25.00 but by the time she could make another payment, she’d accrued another $35.00 fee – as this fee is re-applied each month there is a balance.

She now owes over $30.00 to JCS and her original court ticket of $41.00 is still outstanding – and she faces real jail time if she fails to make even one agreed payment. Imagine the fear of knowing you could go to jail for not having $10.00

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Is it any wonder that so many people in the red states think their own government is out to get them?