WHEN it comes to dissecting and understanding serious world events and an issue as complicated as Gaza, Sarah Palin’s got it covered. Apparently.

And to help the rest of us get a grip on the situation Ms Palin has kindly released a nine-minute ramble on the truth about the war in Israel.


news.com.au takes aim at Sarah Palin’s new news channel [hereafter referred to on my blog as the Sarah Palin Newsy Channel], harshly criticizing her for claiming to be an expert on foreign affairs and citing Howard Stern and Joan Rivers as her sources for credibility.

Sure because nothing says educated opinion more than an old-time vaudevillian, over-the-hill, unemployable DJ and a dried up political has-been. [facepalm]

It’s a lovely read though – she’s referred to as a failed Republican VP candidate who’s jumped from the failed death panel charge against Obama to a new charge calling the Hamas a death cult. (Why is this woman so obsessed with death anyway?)

There’s a short clip at the end where we can watch Palin’s version of the Gaza Truth without being subjected to the whole show. But brief or not, her voice is still stunningly Banshee-like and her words beyond venomous.

It occurs to me that Palin’s offensive remarks about President Obama have been so shielded by America’s first amendment that she’s quite possibly experiencing a false sense of security about wielding similar remarks towards groups of people who don’t give a crap about honouring American rights at all.

Hey Sarah – the first amendment only protects you inside the US borders. But the internet is global. Good luck with that.