hahahahahahaha – FINALLY!!!

A single place on the net where all the best photo-shopped images of Sarah Palin are on display!

It’s Stephen Colbert’s *The Sarah Palin Channel.com Facebook page and it’s got so much content you’ll laugh for hours!

Here’s my current favourite:


Be sure to Like the page – the game is on to get more likes for Colbert’s page than the other Sarah Palin Channel FB page 🙂

*In case you were in a coma last month, Stephen Colbert purchased the rights to “The Sarah Palin Channel .com” just after Sarah Palin announced her new channel “Sarah Palin Channel .com” and has been having great fun spoofing the Wasilla WordSaladSmith ever since on his show. Now he can get his digs in on Facebook as well. Go Stephen!!