From Think Progress:

In yesterday’s post I addressed alternatives to shooting someone coming at you with a knife. It specifically related to the incident in North St. Louis, just 3 1/2 hours drive from Ferguson and as many days since the Ferguson fatality took Mike Brown’s life.

Today Think Progress added this video taken by a bystander, capturing the entire incident from well before to well after officers opened fire on this second victim of police officers not understanding in what country they live.

I counted 9 shots. One officer continues to train his gun on the victim while the a second officer cuffs him well after it was clear the man was dead. It is the most egregious act of police brutality I have seen since the beating of Rodney King over a decade ago. One would think we would have already learned our lesson.

I find myself scared for the people of these cities. These reckless police officers have no business being issued any weapon of any sort. Period.

Kajieme Powell Shooting: