Remember Palin’s rambling attempt to critique Elizabeth Warren’s speech about supporting min wage hikes? Well in case you missed it – Hardball calls her out on her incoherent diatribe on this segment, just after Ethel Kennedy dumps ice on her head. It’s a 2-fer!

At least twice a day I climb onto Google to see if Hillary has responded to Sarah Palin’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I found Palin’s challenge to be monumentally pathetic. Most people challenge family members, friends, you know – people with whom they actually enjoy a relationship. Sarah dropped Hill’s name like they were bosom buddies and we all know that’s not true. (Hill’s are real!)

So while I don’t expect the former First Lady to actually respond to Palin, I thought it might be fun if we provided some possible replies. There’s a blank .jpg at the end – play with it in photoshop yourself or drop a suggestion in comments and I’ll print it up for you!

Here’s mine:



Here’s yours to play with:

Hillary tweeting