News of the Palin family brawl at a private birthday bash just over a week ago is all over the internet. You can read several posts about it at The Immoral Minority, which also links back to the stories most aggressive source, Amanda Coyne.  Or just open any CNN or MSNBC search engine and type in PALIN FAMILY BRAWL. It’s quite literally all over the net.

But the best version I’ve read comes from a British Online Newspaper called The Guardian. Oh not because they have any better information than anyone else – but because of this – the final paragraph in their piece:

Palin is unpopular in the state she formerly led. A Public Policy Polling survey last month found that only 36% of voters in the state have a favourable opinion of Palin, versus 55% who view her negatively.

And that, my friends, is sweet music to my ears. Oh looky – I feel a song coming on now!


H/T to the anonymous commenter at TMI who referred to Palin as a soccer socker mom. Nicely done!