Sarah Palin’s sole contribution to U.S. politics has been to help a small percentage of disgruntled, old white men attempt to redefine our public elections as acts of war. The free elections coveted by Americans all these years are no longer a contest between political ideologies – no, elections are war and we must prepare for them, guns a-blazing!

How did we allow this one voice to so skew our perspective that we now believe the opposing party to be the enemy? That the office of president – if not occupied by your personal candidate – need not be respected? And since when did a person holding office be required to use the lion’s share of his time in office campaigning for the next election?

First of all, if we are always in campaign mode when does any work get done? And second, when – in America – did it become acceptable to refer to an election as a war?

Sit down Sarah, the grown-ups are talking.