PiniocchiO Reilly

Oh looky! An actual, bonafide, card-carrying journalist calls out O’Reilly on national televsion for lying about his *cough* combat zone credentials. And he’s apparently not the only one!

When O’Reilly made the claim that he had been the only journalist to get footage of the anti-war rally in Buenos Aires, (which he then falsely describes as a combat zone in the Falklands war) the other five – still living – journalists and their camera crews also assigned to the story AND their on-site director take umbrage. Putting six other reputations on the line may just be his downfall.

And so the game is afoot!

Be sure to watch both video clips in the link below and stock up on popcorn because it looks like this is just the beginning…

Mother Jones vindicated in first CNN interview.  with promise of more to come.


CBS releases original footage – O’Reilly tries to use it to vindicate himself but falls flat on his two-face. Mother Jones has full story.