Proving a dog is never too old to learn new tricks, Donald Trump has followed a long line of quack-politicians who have figured out that one only needs to pretend to run for office in order to secure lots and lots of free money. It’s almost a religion, this SuperPAC cult of scam artists who legally bilk the ill-informed, less than street smart, gullible Americans out of as much money as possible during an election cycle.

And I’m pretty sure we can all thank Sarah Palin – who lowered the political bar back in 2008 by demonstrating through her fraudulent-yet-oh-so-profitable PAC that one doesn’t need to be educated, civic-minded or even well-intended to pretend-run for office – one only needs to embrace the shroud of deceit long enough to fill the coffers.

Trust me – when The Donald’s pockets are full and before his toupee flies off in the wind exposing his bald reality, he will hop off his campaign dais with a wink and a wave and return to scamming only those who invest in his crappy real estate ventures.

But at least on Facebook we can enjoy the early polls:

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from 2014 but still makes me LOL…