My daughter posted this to my FB page with the note “Mom – put the coffee down before clicking on this link and remember I love you!”

According to this video Sarah Palin is claiming that the drought in California is a direct result of California politics/politicians… because everyone knows California is SURROUNDED by water – and all they have to do is build more desalination plants and reservoirs and botta bing problem solved!

So if this is a hoax it’s a damn good one – and if it’s real well… there’s really nothing more to say now is there!

See the video at

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Sorry I can’t type anymore… I need to find a pair of wooly socks to stuff in my ears and make the sound of her stupidity go away…


This video is now being reported on (and includes fact-checking about the water conditions in California and the state’s plans already in the works) at:

Cleveland Sun Times


It’s looking less and less like a hoax and more and more like the tell-tale sign of a mentally unstable woman pushing herself straight over the edge…  the edge of what remains to be seen.