The California Senate has written a resolution to forbid any presidential candidate to use racial slurs, disrespect it’s diverse population (specifically the Latino immigrants, documented or not), to divest from any financial projects held by Donald Trump and finally encourages all small businesses in California to also divest from Donald Trump, his empire, his enterprises or holdings.

Watch the video on Lawrence O’Donnell’s The Last Word.

Calif Senated Dumps Trump

Hate speech and libel have ALWAYS been illegal in the United States. The First Amendment does not give a person the right to publicly disparage or fuel hate. It’s about time this new generation of candidates for the highest office in the land – got that straight.

FYI: It was duly noted in the US 2008 Presidential Election that Sarah Palin’s vitriol would have landed her a jail sentence in Australia as hate speech is not just a crime, it’s a felony. Many of us have mused that it is this law that keeps her from travelling DownUnder as we’re certain she wouldn’t be able to keep her mouth shut. The Donald should take heed as well 🙂