September 2015

Kids were allowed back onto their property two days ago – Heidi the cat was waiting on the porch by her empty food dish, mad as Hell and covered in ash but alive and well. They were put on alert, told not to get comfy as they may need to bug out again – but as of today the threat for them is over and I thought I’d share my daughter’s FB post with all of you –

Paper masks, bucket, rubber gloves, a gallon of lemon pine Sol, hefty bags, sponges, febreeze, gain dryer sheets, rug powder, and floor cleaner: $50.

Loss of tupperware type containers: $80.

4 hefty bags filled with rotten food from both fridge and stand alone freezer: ~ $900.

Knowing that this is your total loss in a forest fire that took so much more from so many others: Priceless

Brightest of blessings to you all!

Thanks everyone for the positivie thoughts and great energy…

Original pist below the line:

Hearing some news and not being able to share it with Paul is a constant reminder that he’s really gone. We shared everything. Every grief, every joy, every funny Fb meme, every laughable political joke, every ‘omg that made my eye twitch’ moment and now when something new crosses my path – it just hangs in the air like an unfinished song… and the tears are overwhelming.

So tonight when I heard the tale of ‘coming down the mountain’ from my daughter and was once again caught in this most bittersweet of moments, I thought it would be ok to turn that energy towards all of you. Here goes then.

Eldest daughter and her fiancée have had to pack up their small home and evacuate ahead of the looming threat of a California fire. (If you’re following the fires, this one is called the Butte Mtn. Fire.) They are responsible for all their belongings, three cats, a dog, fiancée’s mother and all her belongings including her three pet ducks. Surrounded by smoke and sirens, the sounds of media helicopters and people rushing around throwing things into cars and trucks, they drove three vehicles down the California mountain to take refuge at a relative’s house two+ hours away. And just as they were about to drive off, one of the cats went missing.

Out of time, they had to leave To use my daughter’s words, she had to ‘let it go’ and not lthink about it again until they were all safely off the mountain’ There were too many other things to consider – and she had to drive a fully packed car in a 3-car caravan amidst all the other vehicles on the sometimes narrow mountain road. It wasn’t until they arrived at their new ‘campsite’ that she finally allowed herself to unravel. Heidi isn’t just another cat – Heidi is her soul-mate.

I tried to be consoling,  chatting away about the survivability of felines and how smart Heidi is, and then she told me the final chapter of their trip down the mountain…

…Fiancée’s mother had carefully placed her three beloved ducks – her babies – in a container they all felt would be secure and safe enough to corral the ducks on their long journey. Unbeknownst to my daughter and her fiancée, however, was this addendum: Mom not only placed Huey, Dewey and Louie into the selected plastic bin – but at the very last minute and for whatever reason one can only imagine – she also sealed the bin with its matching, plastic lid.

The birds are now resting comfortably in a friend’s freezer, apparently slated to make their next public appearance as tomorrow night’s dinner. Oh, and we’re all invited.

Paul would be the first to say “You just can’t make this shit up” and I swear I can hear him quacking.

Oz 🙂

This popped onto my Facebook page this morning.

Pres Obama and DenaliFirst good laugh I’ve had in weeks…


Hero McKinley

(btw thank you everyone for the supporting thoughts, prayers and wishes – it’s not really easier yet but I’m trying…)