Bear with me – have just watched the clip of Trump blaming Bush for the attacks of 9/11 and I want to make a point that no one else seems to be making or talking about.

Donald Trump blaming Bush for the 9/11 attacks is really no surprise. He attacks everything and criticizes everyone in office. Period. Add to that the delight he takes in jabbing at Jebbie and his criticisms are a no-brainer.

For me, the tell-tale sign – the give-away that he has no rational hold on reality is that he refers to the time GW was in office as his ‘reign’. And GW is not the first president to whom he has assigned this verb – he’s also used it to describe Pres. Obama.

But let’s be clear – United States Presidents do not ‘reign’ over the country. They are publicly elected officials with limited powers who are sworn to carry out the laws enacted by a publicly elected body of legislators. The president of the United States is not a privileged individual who gets to write laws or make his or her own rules for the country.Presidents are not kings who reign over a dynasty of peasants.

By continually using the verb ‘reign’ to describe Presidents Bush or Obama’s term of office, The Donald is letting slip his skewed and erroneous worldview  of American politics and providing a window for the rest of us to have a good, hard look at his own personal expectations of what being a president means to him.

I sincerely wish the media would pay closer attention to his choice of words and less to the sound of his bark.

King Donald