Ham Ark

This evening I watched a 60 Minutes style TV program that featured a full-on story about Ken Ham and his Kentucky Ark. It was in the news last year for having appealed a federal ruling which denied tax-payer funds for a project that warranted every worker to sign a Christian pledge. Or leave. The federal government denied the application using discrimination as its justification. But Kentucky courts overturned the decision granting this $100 million monstrosity access to public funding. Shameful. But that was yesterday. Today things look much worse.

The ark is nearly completed, scheduled to open its doors in July and anticipates more than 2 million visitors in the first few weeks. And now that it is nearly finished, Ken Ham is not mincing his words about his goals: He’s openly going after the children. He wants to indoctrinate as many children into his perverted version of Christianity as possible. And fanatics like Kim Davis are lining up to lend support

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But I have a question. Ken Ham claims to have followed the dimensions of his new ark to the letter of the biblical blueprint set forth by God himself. To accomplish this, he had to hire hundreds of professional carpenters, welders, construction workers, draftsmen, plumbers, etc. So how on earth can anyone believe that Noah, some 2500 years ago, built this same ark by himself and without modern tools? The stories of it taking him 120 years to build mean to address this question but then that puts him at around 140 years of age. Really? My mother is 97 and while she’s still agile and mostly independent, her hands don’t let her use a needle and thread any longer, much less climb ladders or haul huge planks through the backyard. So I have great difficulty visualizing anyone above the age of say 80 actually building this boat.

For me, the insanely ridiculous idea that a 140 year old man built this monumentally huge boat, by himself, 2500 years ago with a hammer and home-made nails should be enough to dispel this myth entirely. It would have taken him 120 years just to fell the trees and cut the wood.

Side observation from I think Bill Nye: If a Muslim wanted to engage in a project of this size, insisting all hired hands sign a pledge of loyalty to the Quran, with a mission statement claiming a desire to reteach our children the ways of Allah, he would never have been issued the first building permit.