LOL laughing out loud

ROFL rolling on floor laughing

PML peed myself laughing

IMO in my opinion

IMHO in my humble opinion

RNC Republican Natonal Committee

ADN Anchorage Daily News (Alaska newspaper)

TCF The Candie’s Foundation

BTW by the way

 NSW New South Wales (State on australia’s eastern seaboard      bordering with and just beneath Queensland)

SRLC  Southern Republican Leadership Conference

GOTV  Get out the vote

FNC  Fox News Channel

ATM  at the moment

ARVO  Australian for afternoon

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5 Responses to “Annoying Acronyms”

  1. Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel Says:

    That’s Anchorage Daily News, BTW (by the way).

    One favorite of mine, which has been flung at me, is DFH (dirty f’ing hippie).

    Oh! Oh! Anchorage Daily News! I knew that! (heh thanks Mrs.B)

  2. Chaim Says:

    RNC = Remnants of Neolithic Consciousness

    DFH — really, Mrs. TBB? How nostalgic. I thought if something was passe long enough, it was gone.

    An acronym I’m pushing for, not in general use but well-suited to the Palin-watching blogs, is YCMTSU = You Can’t Make This Stuff Up.

  3. Mine is for a restaurant chain in Colorado, Village Inn, or what they now want to you to call “vi.” (the restaurant just started putting vi on it’s signs) I don’t think people say Village Inn enough to warrant an acronym. I have a few others here:

  4. KiheiKat Says:

    And the ever popular: WTF – What the fuck? and WTH – What the hell?
    OMG – Oh my God (or gosh) ; and RFLMAO – Rolling on floor, laughing my ass off.

    Sorry for those bad, bad words, but WTF., IMHO they’re funny. 🙂

  5. Taraysa Rose Says:

    LDN – Lick Deez Nutz, is pretty new but none the less it has proved to be quite useful.

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