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My sincerest apologies to the photographer of this piece. I received it in my emails today, alongside reports of Sarah’s latest ignorant rant (directed at the President of Iran and the Obama Administraion) and absolutely could not resist pairing off the two. Nature herself could not have created a more perfect union of vision and thought.

Click image to enlarge:

 Wait – can an ignorant rant be called an igno-rant? Well that’s what I’m callin’ ’em from now on…

(By the way – feel free to cut and paste. I look forward to finding out who the brilliant photographer is and hope that he or she won’t mind that I wote on their awesome shot. Oz)

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 Well looks like this is where I’ll be hanging out while the votes   are counted… and by the way, that strange looking name in the title is pronounced


I can’t afford to get lost over here because I seldom remember how to pronounce town or street names – hahaha

Have been watching intently since my morning cuppa when I read Gryphen’s announcement @ The Immoral Minority about Joe Miller’s personnel file being released. When I saw the link to the whole .pdf file at the Alaska Dispatch I couldn’t wait to clockout. Their full report of this is a must read.

This is a file of emails so if you’re heading over there to read the lot, please scroll to the very bottom and read ‘up’. Where places appear to be out of chronological order, they’re actually not – original emails are often used to refer back to old topics by using them as replies. so a new email written in september might actually be attached to an older email wo the writer doesnt have to keep rewriting same information. Think of them as threads in a forum.

In case you can’t read a .pdf file, or in case the Alaska Dispatch servers become flooded, I’ve downloaded the entire file (I’d post it here but apparently wordpress doesn’t allow for .pdf downloads) and will try to sort  out a place to put it tomorrow night. (First I need sleep – then more work. Dratted job!)

However, I did read this from cover to cover and took some screenies of a few rather confronting bits of information. The whole truth about Joe usng the office computers and the ensuing consequences comes to light between the pdf pages (not the email page numbers) 33 through 19. Most informative. i’ve circled in bright pink where the pdf page numbers can be found in the file on the first screenie

This is what Joe Miller has been trying so desperately to hide from the Alsaka voters:


 This is a small portion of a five page statement made by Jill Dolan regarding finding her cache had been emptied – just after a period of time that she had left Joe lone in the office.


 This is most of Joe’s confession to his superior at FNSB. What you don’t see is his enthusiastic disclaimer which threatens all but bodily harm to anyone caught disclosing this document to anyone else.

Jill Dolan’s letter to Joe Miller informing him of an official investigation and his sidelining until said investigation has been completed.


Part of the email from Rene Broker at the conclusion of an investigation outlining part of his consequences.


So here we have factual confirmation. Joe Miller tried to use government computers to stuff a ballot box at a poll he created on his own website, lied about it until he realized he was caught with no way out, was investigated and disciplined.

A bit of noteworthy info: His disciplinary action put him on a six month probation which stipulated this letter of reprimand would be deleted from his personnel file after 2 years PROVIDING no further incidents occur during said probation.

BUT Joe apparently got mad just a few months later and walked off the job in a huff, leaving his work behind and the FNSB in the lurch. So – we ultimately have his anger mismanagement to thank for these files seeing the light of day.

Good job Alaska reporters and bloggers! kudos to everyone who persevered in getting these files out in the open.

Oh wait. Saved the best for last. I have one more teensy bit of fluff to share…

Hey Joe? You do know where Cobra comes from right? I mean technically, it’s called Cobra Law. Why? Because it *is* a *law*… and where do you think *laws* come from? Yup. You got it. That pesky darned gov’mint givin’ away the farm to undeserving folks like… you!

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John Boehner is worse than a moron. He’s a boldface liar.

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Went surfing today in my pajamas, enjoying a day off from the trials of my new job. Don’t get me wrong. I love the work. It’s frustrating, exasperating, exciting, challenging and… in a climate of mass unemployment, it’s a JOB! But being able to kickback and play at my computer instead of wrestling a deadline is nice too 🙂

A person can harvest all sorts of information about other people on the internet these days. On a lark I thought I’d see what I could find out about our Alaska friend Joe Miller. Turns out if the person you’re looking into is famous enough, all the info needed to run a people search on that person can be taken right off wikipedia. Who knew!

Wait… is this going to be like that poor kid who used Sarah Palin’s wiki bio to guess her email password? I’m getting a slightly chilled feeling of Deja’vu.

(Oh good. It passed.)

This is supposedly public information, this database I’ve tapped into, and therefore fair game – especially regarding someone who is running for public office and wants to ultimately manage public money. I’m feeling better about this already.

Ok let’s see what happens when we type this info in the fields and press the [Search] key… Well right off, that’s a huge letdown. There should be sound effects like whirring noises and clanging bells, buzzers or clicking and maybe a couple small greyish puffs of smoke. Nothing.

Just this:

Ok I’m confused. Joe’s worked seven years as a magistrate, then quits to open his own law practice – he touts himself as a successful lawyer and land-owner and somewhere on some form has claimed he makes an ample annual income of between $60k and $100k and he… rents?

Really Joe? You can’t manage a mortgage? As a former magistrate and successful attorney? Can’t even build on your own property? You know, that land you used to cheat the federal government out of money by falsely claiming to be a farmer?

Joe – are you related to Christine O’Donnell or is it just that a highly contagious case of stupid has overcome the Republican party…

I’ve passed the link to access to military records on to our Alaska friends. Here’s hoping they can use it to make  difference.

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Evidently, a statement made by me in this post  describing the men involved in Joe Miller’s security team was not accurate.

According to Mr. Dropzone:

1. Mouse is not a current employee of Dropzone @ 29 Spenard Rd Anchorage AK but an outside contractor who has not been ‘active’ for more than a year.

2. No firearms are or have ever been sold on the premises of Dropzone @ 29 Spenard Rd Anchorage AK

This is the statement which elicited the above comment by Mr. Dropzone:

Meet Mouse. Mouse is one of the Drop Zone Security Guards who may or may not be personally assigned to Miller, but he is part of the security team so it’s likely (if he wasn’t actually on today’s detail) he’ll pull a shift with the candidate…
…This is Mouse at work. When he’s not on private detail, or armed and working as a bounty hunter for the Drop Zone, or selling guns to other war vets at the Drop Zone’s run-down survivalist shack, he’s a part-time bouncer at a strip club in Anchorge. Nothing wrong with that.

First, let me assure you my integrity is just fine, thanks for voicing your concern. Second, it was Mouse’s own words which led me to believe he was  currently  employed at the business Dropzone @ 29 Spenard Rd Anchorage AK:

Third and finally, Mr. William Dropzone Bill Fulton, is your incontrovertible association with the Alaska Citizens Militia, a group for whom you host meetings on the property located @ 29 Spenard Rd. Anchorge AK.

It is common knowledge that militia groups are armed, that arms are routinely traded, sold and bartered for amongst militia members, and I would bet the farm that this has occurred on your property at least once if not routinely on your watch – under your supervision – or at the very least with your full knowledge.

Norm Olson, your immediate Commander, wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am happy to concede that the person ‘Mouse’ reportedly does not sell firearms over the counter at or under the business name of either Dropzone Security Services or Dropzone Sporting Goods to licensed gun owners. As for the rest… you’ll have to prove it.

Wow, I guess this isn’t a retraction after all.

Alaska WTF has a video of Sarah Palin defiling the American Flag at a rally.  Full video and AWTF comments here. Full details by the nice Brits covering the story here.

There’s going to be a lot of specultion as to what was possibly going through Sarah’s mind at the time. I mean besides the constant whooshing of air…

Here’s my take:

Get that Darned flag out of my face! Can’t you see I’m trying to sign books and smile pretty for the camera?

I mean it! Git that thing outta my way pronto! (Now you did it mister… went and made me say a racist word.  Pronto! Great. Now they’ll all say I’m poking fun at them Mexicans again.)

Fine! If you won’t move it I’ll just reach up and…


There! Finally! Now the cameras can focus on ME again. Ok now what the heck was I doin’ before? Oh yuh… signin’ stuff. I better sign this flag before the cry-baby thinks I tried to steal it from him…

Here. Now skeedaddle before I git Joe’s boys over here and they arrest yer ornery butt!

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