2011 June

Found it here – the poster’s comment is hysterical!

I laughed so hard I peed my chair!


Meet my $2.35 banana.

As part of a normal diet for our age group, spouse and I are meant to each have one banana per day. No problem. We live in the tropics. Fresh fruit abounds. Or it did until the January flooding wiped out so many crops. Our lettuce (which had disappeared altogether back in February) is just now getting back to normal – big crispy heads of Iceberg Lettuce at just around $2.00 each.

Apples are small and often on the mushy side and average $5.00 per kg. Not great but doable. Pumpkins and potatoes are holding their own while tomatoes are up to $9.00 per kg and cucumbers have all gone MIA. Brussel sprouts and zucchini are so tiny I feel like a misplaced Brobdingnagian standing over their display cases  – and the celery is woody and way too thin.

But to suddenly be paying more than $32 per week for bananas is well – bananas! That’s$140 a month for two people to have a banana with lunch!

Holy Cow!

It makes me wonder how life is in the towns around the oil-stained Gulf of Mexico and newly radiated parts of Japan – and why we aren’t getting any reports or updates on either – but we know from minute to minute where Sarah’s damned bus is parked.

Has someone redefined the term ‘newsworthy’?

This from my email bag:

Friend —

As families around the country get together to celebrate fathers today, I’m thinking about dads like Alex.

Alex is the father of two boys and two girls, ages six to 13. During the week, he works the 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. shift as a front-desk supervisor at a Seattle hotel. After work and on the weekends, he devotes his time to a summer organizing program that’s giving more than 1,500 first-time organizers the training they need to help build this movement in their communities.

He says he hopes this organizing work will help teach his kids the power one person can have — that if “they see something that needs to be changed, they know they can make a difference.”

I wanted to share a video of Alex explaining what prompted him to join this program and devote his summer to this work.

I was really moved by what he had to say. Take a look, and share it with a dad you’re thinking about today:

Today, I’m also proud of my husband, the man who drove our first daughter and me home from the hospital 13 years ago next month, determined to be the kind of father he hadn’t had for himself.

Barack often says he decided that day that if he could be anything in life, he’d be a good dad, and he dedicated himself then and there to making sure our daughter had every opportunity he could provide.

When it comes down to it, that’s why we’re all here — Barack, Alex, myself, and everyone who’s part of this campaign. We’re all working to make sure we leave our kids with a country that’s fairer and more full of opportunity — just as our parents did for us.

Thank you for being part of that work, and part of this campaign.

Wishing you a happy Father’s Day,


We aren’t funded by Washington lobbyists or corporate interests. We rely on donations from people like you. Barack Obama 2012

From my mailbox:

Dear xxxxxxx,

I’m writing to you from Manchester, New Hampshire, where last night I witnessed a spectacle that every single Obama supporter needs to hear about.

The major GOP presidential candidates debated for the first time and made one thing very clear: They have no agenda but to take down President Obama.

They even nodded along when one called the Obama administration a “destructive force,” and they said nothing when another said the President has “embraced our enemies.”

Last night was a wake-up call to anyone who thinks they can sit tight while the Republicans battle each other for the nomination: The campaign to defeat Barack Obama and roll back his entire record is well underway. And that’s the one thing on which all of their potential candidates agree.

It was seven against one. Since the President won’t be speaking for himself at one of these debates until next year, our best response is to show the Republicans that when they attack Barack Obama, it only makes us fight back harder.

Fundamentally, last night’s debate was about which of their candidates would turn back the clock the farthest.

They came out for re-fighting the battles they lost on Wall Street reform and the health care law. They backed reinstating “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

They even talked about abolishing the Environmental Protection Agency — and phasing out Social Security and Medicare.

They actually spent time debating whether they think Sarah Palin would have made a better vice president than Joe Biden (spoiler alert: They still think so!).

But the words “education” and “middle class” were never uttered even once.

If you were watching at home, you might have thought it was a re-run from four or eight years ago.

Most of these people are full-time candidates with nothing to lose and nothing to do but keep pushing to take us back to the failed policies of the past. Help fight back with a donation today:



Robert Gibbs

The above link takes you to the My Democrats website. On the home page there are links for fact-checking Republican claims along with a stack of other information. I am so  completely appalled with how our president is being treated both by the Republican Party and the media who seem to have forgotten HOW AND WHY news needs to be fact-checked BEFORE it is treated as news.

And where does one party get to call the seated president an enemy in order to win an election? When did this get to be ‘OK’ with the rest of us?

You may not personally like Pres. Obama – and you may disagree with his policies but that doesn’t give ANYONE the right to call him a traitor or insist the the country be TAKEN BACK as if it were lost in a poker game to a mafia drug lord.

Get Sarah Palin’s grubby little media-whore mitts  OFF THE NEWS so journalists can go back to doing their jobs and the country can go back to normal please!

Having only sifted through a dozen or three of these emails so far (posted on Crevilla West) I have two initial observations.

First, it appears a fair portion of Walt Monegan’s job description (Chief of Police/Public Safety Commission) was to spend copious amounts of time monitoring newspaper Letters to the Editor sections for any complaints made against Sarah’s administration and to write rebuttals before they posed a problem for the governor’s image. I can think of a lot of things I’d be wanting my Police Chief to be focusing on – somehow my personal image isn’t among them. But that’s just me.

Click links to view emails:

03AUG2007-Sarah tracks letters to editors

Well you know the old saying – crooks  can afford the best cars – I’m for law enforcement having even  better cars so the Espalade in the fleet doesn’t really bother me. But that really isn’t the issue here. The issue should be… why was this even on Sarah’s desk? If you’re the governor of a state don’t you have hired hands to take care of this kind of small stuff so you are free to handle oh I dunno bigger issues like – governing?

If she does officially run for president her next bus slogan should read:

Sarah Palin – It’s All About Me Me Me!

Then – on her watch, a state trooper is sued for excessive force. The police stand behind the trooper, but the plaintiff (ultimately) prevails and is awarded $1,000,000. The following email shows what most concerned the governor about the matter…

27SEPT2007-Sarah vs Spitzer

Palin Put the ME in Meme!

Sarah Palin’s emails – what’s left of them after 2.5 years of an entire state administration redacting them and turning them into expensive paper copies – thanks to Crevilla West –  are now back in a searchable, electronic format and open to the public so anyone can search through them using any word or term for the serarch.

Click here to access Palins emails on Crevilla West 

Thanks Crevilla West!

Go!  Sift!  Discover!

Many years ago *cough* I embarked on making my own Christmas cards. I drew a world globe covered with green dots and a pickle with a golden halo. Both were animated with eyes and arms and legs and holding a booklet of caroles. I called it “Peas on earth, Good dill toward man!”

Then I drew a plate with a steaming pile of asparagus, partially covered in a yellowy-creamy looking sauce with a sprig of holly on the top. I called it “Happy Hollandaise!”

No,really, it gets worse.

A carole-singing pair of salt and pepper shakers titled “Seasons Greetings” (which I would later discover some advertising company had the same idea) and a bottle of a Kikkoman’s (also singing a carole) called “Soy to the World!”

So when I stumbled on these three youtube gems I howled and laughed and just really giggled my morning away. Watch them in order. They build into a predictable albeit awfully funny ending.

I need  Palin break – enjoy the almost 4 minutes of peas and quiet 🙂



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Edit: Changed tips to snacks after being reminded that (1) Sarah doesn’t tip (h/t to Karen) and remembering things such as ice creams, chocolates, Red Bulls & coffees had been omitted.

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