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…but today, while having lunch I did a bit of Googling and to my dismay discovered that not only is this unimaginable tale NOT a hoax, this deranged woman isn’t the only poor-excuse-of-a-mother out there injecting her young child with botox.

Story #1 from The Sun:

Several blogs have picked up this story but Mama Mia’s closing editorial remark struck me as the most relevant:

”It’s really really difficult to find the right words here. You might be more successful than me. But what troubles me most (on a long list of deeply troubling things about this story) is that this societal obsession we have with youth and perfection and erasing wrinkles and hair and all signs that we’re not human Barbie dolls, is trickling down to kids and parents. This case is extreme but is it symptomatic of a bigger problem?”

And of course from a different perspective one might argue that all the botox and body waxes and tattooed eyebrows and lips in the world won’t turn this little girl into a superstar unless she has that annoying little quality known as… talent. 


Story #2 from Daily Mail Online:

“A mother who controversially injected her teenage daughter with Botox is now teaching her seven-year-old daughter to poledance. Sarah Burge, 50, known as the ‘Human Barbie’ after spending half-a-million pounds on cosmetic surgery, claims that the poledancing lessons help daughter Poppy seven, to keep fit.

So the only thing more compelling than seeing a mother injecting her daughter with botox is seeing a mother injecting two daughters with botox and then teaching them how to poledance at the age of seven….

I am with a lot of commenters who simply do not understand how this is not considered a punishable-by-law form of child abuse. 

Botox is forever.

I am beyond appalled.

Some things are just meant to go together. Peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. Babies and hunting.

That appears to be the logic behind Senate Bill 207 sponsored by Sen. Joe Hune (R-Hamburg), which is being debated in the Senate right now. The legislation would scrap the minimum age for hunting licenses in Michigan in an effort to halt the declining numbers participating in the sport

[Click link above for full story]

Have all the elected Republicans gone completely insane? We’ve got serious relief responsibilities to deal with in Haiti and Japan requiring money and manpower. Unemployment is still down. Housing is still knackered. The economy is struggling to recover. We’ve got troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and a dozen other countries globally. We’re aiding a military movement to stop a truly evil dictator from killing off all his citizens…

…and Republicans want the Federal and State Governments to focus on things like redefining the word rape so fewer women are eligible for legal abortions and abolishing the age limit of hunters in Michigan because the people who sell guns to hunters aren’t having a good year?

Yuh because what I want for my 4 year old in the middle of throwing a temper tantrum is for him to not only know where daddy keeps the guns, but how to load and aim them!

And did you notice? The Republican who came up with this hair-brained scheme is named Joe.

Editor’s note:  heh – I meant to say unemployment is still up, not down. Thanks FEDUP for catching this 🙂

Never realized before how much face makeup she wears…

I know, I know I am so going to Hell for this… but before Satan comes to drag my sorry ass away let me just sincerely apologize to Getty Images, the model who didn’t deserve to be defaced and the wonderful people who make Babybel Mini Cheese… Ok – ready for the fire and brimstone now…

Second Thoughts:  My smarmy spouse read this and chuckled. Then, grinning like the Cheshire Cat tapped me on the shoulder and said “you need to add a slogan – Life is Gouda when you Let Cheeses into your Heart!”

Well, at least I won’t be going to Hell by myself – on the other hand, I may be in for a whole evening of bad cheese jokes and I’m not sure which is worse – hahaha!

Third Thoughts:  Then, of course, there’s the whole issue of hymns and carols and anthems and guessing Palin’s favourite might be –

       A Whey in a Manger…

Fourth Thoughts: Ok now it’s just embarrassing… There’s a (spoof) Pizza Hut in the U.S. that purportedly sells statues made of cheese called Cheese Jesus standing on a platter of crackers AND here’s the link… there’s an entire (spoof) history of Cheese Jesus along with Mozzarella Moses…

There’s a video of a cheesemaker in Europe who actually makes a nativity scene out of cheese and takes it to his local church…

There’s a video of an english family performing a cheese play at the Christmas dinner table using hand-carved cheese figures…

And then there’s this…

I howled! I had no idea Cheese + religion was such a big deal on the internet!

…apparently the reseachers aren’t the brightest crayons in the box either:

Full Story Here. By the way, a commenter on this story noted that Fox placed the city of Sendai on the southern end of Japan. It’s actually north of Fukushima – well of course it is, the entire city of Sendai was washed away in the tsunami because it was so close to the earthquake epicentre it was ONE OF THE CITIES HARDEST HIT! Which could NOT have happend if it was located on the southern tip of Japan! Does ANYONE at FNC know geography???


So it wouldn’t surprise me at all to hear the following was a real quote and not just a bit of holiday humour 🙂

And on a final note, just in a late observation, I was listening to a very funny bit on Palin by Kathy Griffin and she mentioned something that struck a nerve. It does my head in when people still refer to Palin as ‘Gov. Palin’ because – she quit! Ms. Griffin brought up the point that when a king abdicates his throne HE DOESN’T GET TO KEEP HIS TITLE!

So really, if anyone in Alaska wants to start a petition… I’m in!

Reminiscing about Elizabeth Taylor, her gracious life and the wonderful roles she was given through the years gave me pause to think… what roles would a studio offer Sarah were she as big a movie star as Ms. Taylor?

Well it didn’t take much imagination to come up with this role for Queen Esther… she truly is an inspiratiuon!

After all, her voice is a natural for this part. The studio would save a fortune on sound fx.

Elizabeth Taylor became my Hollywood heroine in the 1960’s when her film production of Cleopatra hit my city. Tickets were purchased in advance, just as if it were a live performance. It was four hours long. Once you were seated there was no getting up again. A 30 minute intermission at the 2-hour mark allowed the audience to buy a cool drink, catch a breath of fresh air and then it was back to the seats for another two hours. I remember the line to the ladies room was so long I didn’t even bother.

I enjoyed the movie but Ms. Taylor captured my heart, mind and soul during the scene where she defiantly arrives in Rome to deliver Caesar his son. Behind a parade of dark, dancing Nubians in white ostrich feathers and fair-skinned concubines swathed in glittery veils, she stands in front of a golden pyramid at the top of stairs which stretch out onto a long platform. Hundreds of slaves carry this monstrous parade float on their shoulders in the hot sun. She stands by her child, she draped from head to toe in a costume made of bejewelled, golden feathers (meant, I believe, to resemble the Goddess Isis) him in golden robes and nestled under the keen protection of his mother’s arm.

It was the most powerful movie scene I’d ever watched. It was like seeing an old adage turn upside down and come to life – Yes Virginia, the mountain can come to Mohammad.

I do realize that the epic production of Cleopatra was created by authors, costumers, cameramen, directors, etc. But one cannot pretend the genuine gutsy demeanor brought into the scene by Ms. Taylor wasn’t the thing that pulled everything else together and made it work. I doubt there are many if any in Hollywood today who possess the ability to pair gutsy with ladylike quite like Elizabeth Taylor. Even in her drunken scenes in Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf she is never for a moment – not poised.

The sense of true bravery didn’t end with the director saying cut, either. On camera or off, Elizabeth Taylor was a brave lady in every sense of the word. She became my real-life heroine in the 1980’s when she sat on a hospital bed and cradled a young girl who was suffering from AIDS. She deplored people who were unforgiving and who acted from ignorance and fought many social injustices many times over.

She was a great actress, a generous philanthropist, a loving and lovely lady. She will be missed.

Ok really, the nutters out there who think of themselves as the Religious Right have slipped a cog…

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