2013 February

This straw has actually been around since 2011 but I have no idea how available they are in the USA.

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anti-date rape straw


Meanwhile, back in the USA, DrinkSavvy.com has teamed up with a Chemistry Professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA has come up with glassware that also changes it’s appearance to alert the consumer of potentially harmful substances in their drinks.

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The video at the above link is very informative –


Go Left has two slogans:

1. When nothing goes right… go left!

2. I love it when I wake up in the morning and Barack Obama is president!

And their latest post made me laugh 🙂

7 dwarves


This blew me away!

self-refilling bowl of water

Slippery Nipple Recipe





In my youth this was one of my favourite cocktails. But I never dreamed it would one day lay at the heart of a U.S. political drama steamed with one part censorship to two parts women’s rights.

For giggles, I went surfing among images of male and female bodies to compose this little test. Because really, if the female aureola is so offensive, shouldn’t the men have to pastie up as well?

Try to guess before checking the answer below. I’m pretty sure you’re in for a surprise!

Which Nipples are which

When you’re ready, check your answers here:

Only 'C' and 'E' belong to females.

How ridiculous is this newly proposed North Carolina law? And is it my imagination or are the Republicans just looking more and more stupid every day?


One if the hazards of floodwaters in Queensland is the odd crocodile who makes his way into town. My favourite sighting was several years back when a man stepped off his back porch into knee-deep floodwater (because his dog was barking) only to come face to face with a very large and hungry-looking croc.

This years Mud Army needs also to take care as the crocs are restless and can be swimming in the waters where the crews are attempting clean up efforts. I hope they all have sturdy boots!

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Begin original post:

Request from Mrs Gunka

Queensland is one of six states and two territories which comprise Australia, occupying the northeast corner (roughly similar to the U.S. from Georgia to New York).


The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has a website full of information regarding Queensland weather, including analysis of recent weather patterns and future forecasts. Take a good look at the satellite overlay of rain patterns in this link – the entire outline represents the state of Queensland. The recent flooding occurred in Southeast Qld – where I live.

With that picture in mind, here is a weather map of SE Qld showing the city names and areas – along with current weather patterns.

And finally, a link to a Brisbane Times article with Brisbane flood maps and a video of the amazing rescue of a toddler and his mum stranded in the back of a ute (utility truck – or as we Yanks call it – a pick-up) in the midst of flood waters.

We had another big storm blow through last night – not enough to wake spouse, but enough to flood the laundry room for a second time!

Australia’s monsoon season normally begins in December and lasts through March – but it has been a much tamer event in the past. Changing weather is going to affect everyone, everywhere and those who continue to bury their heads in the sand and deny global warming are in for a rather rude awakening.

I’ve been visiting the Mud Army’s Facebook page and find it pretty interesting how they pull events together and have incorporated donations for food to help feed all the volunteers. The address again is: The Qld Mud Army

Mrs. Gunka – hope this was enough of an answer – Oz