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Remember Palin’s rambling attempt to critique Elizabeth Warren’s speech about supporting min wage hikes? Well in case you missed it – Hardball calls her out on her incoherent diatribe on this segment, just after Ethel Kennedy dumps ice on her head. It’s a 2-fer!

At least twice a day I climb onto Google to see if Hillary has responded to Sarah Palin’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I found Palin’s challenge to be monumentally pathetic. Most people challenge family members, friends, you know – people with whom they actually enjoy a relationship. Sarah dropped Hill’s name like they were bosom buddies and we all know that’s not true. (Hill’s are real!)

So while I don’t expect the former First Lady to actually respond to Palin, I thought it might be fun if we provided some possible replies. There’s a blank .jpg at the end – play with it in photoshop yourself or drop a suggestion in comments and I’ll print it up for you!

Here’s mine:



Here’s yours to play with:

Hillary tweeting


Jesus was

From Think Progress:

In yesterday’s post I addressed alternatives to shooting someone coming at you with a knife. It specifically related to the incident in North St. Louis, just 3 1/2 hours drive from Ferguson and as many days since the Ferguson fatality took Mike Brown’s life.

Today Think Progress added this video taken by a bystander, capturing the entire incident from well before to well after officers opened fire on this second victim of police officers not understanding in what country they live.

I counted 9 shots. One officer continues to train his gun on the victim while the a second officer cuffs him well after it was clear the man was dead. It is the most egregious act of police brutality I have seen since the beating of Rodney King over a decade ago. One would think we would have already learned our lesson.

I find myself scared for the people of these cities. These reckless police officers have no business being issued any weapon of any sort. Period.

Kajieme Powell Shooting:


Another fatal shooting by police near Ferguson and while there’s a lot of speculation on both sides of the defense argument, my question is this…

If someone was coming at you with a knife and you didn’t have a gun what would you do?

If you were an unarmed civilian you could drop to the ground and roll into his legs just as he was about to lunge. Or you could jump to the side and try to trip your assailant with an extended foot. Or you could head-butt him and push him away. Or you could run like Hell while yelling for help.

Police Baton

If you were a police officer and you work in the United States you should know to grab your Baton and use it to deflect the knife. Then you  grab the guys arm and slap a cuff on it.

Baton training has been an integral part of police training for as long as there have been – police. First called nightsticks, police worldwide who aren’t usually armed with guns use them for personal protection and crowd control.

In fact, in 1967 the FBI got into the business of training city and state police officers in the proper use of their Batons in  order to quell the rising statistics of police brutality.

Yeah, we’ve come a long way baby.


The Tea Party mentality has everyone so on edge that the lines between knowing when your life is being threatened and perceiving a lesser event as life-threatening have become blurred almost beyond recognition. They didn’t like Obama winning the White House. Fine. But instead of simply getting behind a candidate they do like, they vehemently campaign to convince the rest of us that our president is an evil monster and we need to protect ourselves from the magical day he overthrows the government and outlaws Christianity.

What’s that you say? We need to protect ourselves?

Enter the NRA, salivating at the prospect of selling guns to every single American. It’s a Wayne LaPierre wet-dream. When everyone’s afraid – we’ll sell more guns. Cool.

So now that the public is more armed than ever, the police have to up their game. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle this need to be well-armed. But it’s our children paying the price for this self-inflicted fear.

I once took my young kids camping. The campground was sparsely populated and the few other adults around had been drinking all evening. Happy times. All good. But after everyone had fallen asleep I found myself still sitting by the embers of what was left of the once ample campfire. I heard a noise and looked up.

About ten feet in front of me was a very drunk (and I suspect very high) man holding a handgun and talking to the sky as if it was talking back. He was between me and where about a dozen kids were in sleeping bags under a big oak tree. There was no one to call to for help.

The man began waving the gun in the air and shouting jibberish – but I got the idea he thought there was someone in the trees who wanted to kill him. I took off my shoes, walked up behind him and snatched the gun from his hand. Then I slapped him as hard as I could and screamed as loud as I could.

We co-existed, you and I, long before there were pistols or AK-47’s. We’ve successfully defended and protected ourselves from all manners of danger without shooting our teenage daughters in the dark because we heard a noise and thought it might be the bogey man.

I mean c’mon. My whole life I’ve heard noises in the middle of the night and a few times it made my heart race, sure,  but all I ever did was pick up the closest coat hanger and switch on a light.

We need to stop giving the fear-mongers in  this country a voice.

And we need to make it clear to our Police Professionals that shooting anything that moves is unacceptable. If you didn’t want the responsibility you shouldn’t have taken the gig.




I love that Oliver outed the Ferguson police for walking around wearing camo and pointing loaded weapons directly in peoples faces. I mean WTH!

Meanwhile, 240 miles to the west, in the same state…

Exactly one month ago this is what police officers looked like in Kansas City Mo.
[Click here for story & video]
This is what US police officers are meant to look like and how to behave.

KCPolice 17 July 2014

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Thought this was a fitting comment:
Ferguson-Bill Maher


Washington Times Reporting…

AUSTIN — Gov. Rick Perry of Texas was indicted on two felony counts on Friday by a state grand jury examining his handling of a local district attorney’s drunken driving arrest and the state financing for a public corruption unit under the lawyer’s control.

The indictment was returned late Friday in Austin.

The investigation centered on Mr. Perry’s veto power as governor. His critics asserted that he used that power as leverage to try to get an elected official and influential Democrat — Rosemary Lehmberg, the district attorney in Travis County — to step down after her arrest for drunken driving last year. Ms. Lehmberg is Austin’s top prosecutor and oversees a powerful public corruption unit that investigates state, local and federal officials; its work led to the 2005 indictment of a former Republican congressman, Tom DeLay on charges of violating campaign finance laws.


The rest of the story is at the link above.

Well this should be interesting.


Think Progress has posted this final insight into the likely cause behind Robin Williams decision to end his life. I can’t be sure of course, but after reading this piece I think I’ve finally stopped crying.

Couple of things about depression and suicide I never knew before have come to light in these past few days. First, while I knew suicide attempts ballooned in numbers during the month of December I was not aware that it also spiked just after the suicide of a celebrity – or someone given celebrity status in the news. The idea that news coverage actually encourages more suicide attempts is actually so prevalent in our society that the Center for Disease Control issued a guideline for how to better treat the subject in the media. You can read the full guideline here but in a nutshell it says:

*Suicide is never the result of a single factor – presenting too simplistic an explanation is misleading and gives a wrong impression. (I am reminded of a comment on nuclear plant accidents – an explosion at a nuclear facility would never be the result of one thing going wrong but of twelve things going wrong all at once.)

*Repetitive and ongoing coverage, or prominent coverage, of a suicide tends to promote and maintain a preoccupation with suicide among at-risk persons, especially among persons 15-24 years of age.

*By its nature, news coverage of a suicidal event tends to heighten the general public’s preoccupation with suicide…  News media professionals should attempt to decrease the prominence of the news report and avoid the use of dramatic photographs related to the suicide.

*… reporting that a person died from carbon monoxide poisoning may not be harmful; however, providing details of the mechanism and procedures used to complete the suicide may facilitate imitation of the suicidal behavior by other at-risk persons.

And finally they urge the media not to glorify the act of suicide or to give the impression that suicide is a way to cope with problems.

Then – Upworthy sent me this youtube link. I’ve watched it through four full times now and I think I’m starting to get it. I urge you to watch it at least once.

These are his links:
Suicide hotline number: 1-800-273-TALK
Email: Legal first name (cuz of confusion) is Sky Williams: Gregidot@gmail.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SkyWilliamsTho

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