2015 March

Here’s a link to the petition.

It looks like this:
Logan Act -t 47 SenatorsThis behaviour actually reminded me of a scene in the old movie Independence day where the alien has the scientist by the throat and the president is trying to negotiate his release.

And just so we’re clear, the president represents the president, the scientist represents Iran and the alien is, well, you get it I’m sure…


Still waiting for word on the Cinderella Ball video uploads and tripped over this little gem at  The New Yorker:

Andy Borowitz may not be a replacement candidate for Jon Stewart over at Comedy Central, but in my book he should certainly be in the running.

Just Googling him has been a treat:

Andy Borowitz - Joe Biden


Andy Borowitz - John Boehner


Just a reminder


Made me smile 🙂



Your beautiful selfies have all had your kind messages added and are off to the video editor for compiliation – the finished video will be shown exactly 24 hours from the time of this writing and should be released to youtube not long after.

Leesa has managed to get contributions from local television talent so her 5 minute speech has morphed into an almost 30 minute video filled with hope and love and good wishes.

I cannot thank all of you enough… my heart is full because of you 🙂



Original post from 04 March 015:

My boss, Leesa, called me late last night, in tears, with a half-put-together idea. This is why:

My boss’ cousin is Jaime Wild. She is the young mother of 3 and last year was diagnosed with MND (ALS). Jaimee is using what time she has left to help other people by raising awareness of and campaigning for the much-needed research necessary to find a cure. She knows it won’t come in time to save her – but she’s out there like a trooper wanting to save others.

Here is the favour I need from you:

There is a fundraising birthday party scheduled for this coming Saturday night – a celebration ball if you will – with proceeds going towards MND research and to give Jaime a most memorable birthday. Last night my Leesa got the call to speak at this ball – so unsure of being able to speak without falling apart, Leesa came up with the idea of collecting 10-30 second videos of people from all around the world coming together with smiling faces to wish Jaimee a happy birthday – that she can make into a collage and present at the ball.

When I awoke this morning the idea hit me – we could collect selfies, and photoshop the person’s birthday wish on top – including their first name and the name of their country. It would look something like “Happy Birthday Jaime! – Lynn from Australia” just under the face in the selfie and we could get dozens of them interspersed with the vime collection.

If Any of you reading this would help us out I would be most grateful – just post your selfie and what you want me to say on it to:

Subject: Selfie


Attach the selfie and write yur wish in the body and I will combine the two before sending them off to Leesa. I will link the finished product to you here on Sunday as I am certain Leesa will post it on youtube.

Thank you all in advance – OzMud

Here’s Jaimee on our local news: http://www.nbnnews.com.au/index.php/2015/02/26/brave-mum-fights-against-mnd/

This from Raw Story:

I have been working on a follow-up piece on Bill O’Reilly and his surrounding controversy but had to take time out to post this. I’m taking a lot of heat from some friends back in the states who insist the president should have dropped everything and shown his support for our Israeli allies this week – a stance to which  I am 100% opposed. It’s difficult to convince some people this was never about support for our Jewish communities – but about how very much the Israeli leader wants to push the US into his war with Iran.

Here are a couple of memes I found helpful…

Netanyahu 1999


Netanyahu 2015

Netanyahu - Anonymous