2015 November

My holiday wish this year is to find someone who can talk like Donald Duck and have that person do voiceovers on Donald Trump’s campaign speeches.

Seriously, can you not hear Donald Duck when Trump opens his mouth?

Donald Duck Trump

Alas it’s that time of year again… the time of year when every time Sarah Palin opens her mouth it makes the angels weep…

Courtesy of Raw Story:Sarah Palin Seth Meyers

Courtesy of US Uncut:

U.S. Marine blasts Trump says
“I already have a special ID badge… where’s yours?”


Full story here.

Oh yeah…

My dad was a salesman in San Francisco back n the 1960’s. He embraced the peace sign as a gesture of showing the people he passed on the street that he was an ‘ok guy’ so he could just go about his daily business in – well, peace.

He would have loved the new version created in a moment of solidarity between artist and nation – J. Jullien’s cocktail napkin-style drawing of the peace sign incorporating the Eiffel Tower which has now become the symbol of hope for many millions of peace-loving people around the world.

These are my favourite images gleaned from Facebook about Paris this past week:

Paris 0312227615_1005589196131241_7510808970460595580_n.jpgParis 01Paris 02.jpgParis 01

The whole idea that Christians are being persecuted in the US is so blatantly absurd I normally give it about as much attention as I would a 4 yr-old throwing a tantrum – you know, none. But this year’s attack on the Starbuck’s paper coffee cup is just too ridiculous to ignore. So move over I’m jumping in.

First may I say to all my Christian friends out there – coffee doesn’t belong to you. You shouldn’t care in what container I get mine. There is not one Christian ritual involving the drinking, pouring, bathing in or dunking of coffee. Jesus didn’t turn water into coffee. Its origin may or may not be traced back to 850 ,A.D. but it wasn’t widely known about or publicly consumed until almost 2000 B.C. Do you see a cup of coffee on the table at The Last, Supper? No? Then just shut up and let me drink my coffee  in whatever damn cup I want!


Starbucks cup

Starbucks cup 02



.The persecution of Christians ended a couple thousand years ago. So unless there’s an actual lion chompin’ on your ass – get away from my coffee!

I’m back.

Usually when a politician is being fact-checked it’s for things he’s claiming about current issues, other politicians, world events, etc. It’s not usually about the man’s entire friggin’ life from his childhood on up but in Ben Carson’s case fact-checkers are making an exception – and people from his past are coming out of the woodwork in droves to put his record straight.

From the Daily News Bin:

Also too, found this on FB and couldn’t resist –


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