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Dear Mr. M. Joseph Sheppard

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I just have a couple of questions…

On July 3, 2009 Sarah Heath Palin, in a dramatic announcement on her back lawn, quit her job as governor of Alaska because, she said, her presence was a distraction to the state and she would be able to do more for Alaskans and the country out of office than stuck in a lame duck term. With the help of a ghost-writer, Sarah Palin finished and subsequently had published her autobiography called Going Rogue and was on a whirlwind book-signing tour by November.

Her PAC continued to rake in the same big bucks as it did while she was the VP candidate on John McCain’s 2008 ticket. She personally rakes in $1mil per year working part-time for Fox News Channel. What I want to know is this:

What is it – specifically – that Sarah Heath Palin has done for Alaska and the country with this new-found wealth of time and money?

Has she founded any groups to help underprivileged children be better fed or educated?

Has she funded any drives to help native Alaskans in rural communities supplement their critically low food and heating supplies, issues they face yearly along with flooding that now comes from eroding coastal shores?

Has she donated her time and made sizable  donations to promote Down Syndrome awareness?

Has her PAC fully financed Republican candidates for the 2010 and 2012 election cycles?

Since walking out on her role as governor of Alaska to purportedly ‘do good’ for state and country, Sarah has had three winters to make her mark as charity leader for multiple causes for her state and six opportunities to enroll in university semesters that would extend her political resume and broaden her education. Has she?

The unfortunate answer to each of these questions is nup, nup and nup. In fact I see nothing that even remotely resembles sacrifice on her part in either time or money to promote any of the issues she told us emphatically were close to her heart. She didn’t personally pay for her scant trips abroad.  Because she refused to come out of her hotel room and mingle with the people, India and Israel media treated her like a rock star rather than a travelling dignitary. And what her PAC didn’t pay for on her overseas junkets, Evangelist groups like Samaritan’s Purse, did.

On behalf of Sarah Palin (the now millionairess) SarahPAC made a one-time contribution of $1,000 to Down Syndrome Assoc.(Sarah Heath Palin charges $100k + for each speech she makes on anyone’s behalf, while enjoying first class accommodations wherever she travels at the expense of the group who hired her to speak. Sarah and Todd could easily have made this donation themselves.)

You can count on less than ten fingers the number of campaign contributions SarahPAC has made to Republican candidates since its founding. (Even though, it’s interesting to note, the entire point of a PAC is for a popular politician to elicit funds and publicity for the lesser known candidates they wish to support, SarahPAC seems always more eager to pay extraordinarily large salaries to a handful of staff, picking up the tab for Sarah’s airfares and hotel accommodations while she travels to make her $100k speeches and – oddly enough – the massive postage needs of three ladies in Wasilla. Oh and let’s not omit the huge monthly retainer fee to her flavour of the month attorney.)

Sarah Heath Palin banked in excess of $7 – 10 million dollars by 2010 and has, by virtue of public records, donated nothing to any of her purported pet causes. Not time, not money, nothing. She’s not formed a single fund-raising drive for native Alaskans in danger of losing their homes and livelihoods to the growing negative effects of global warming on their villages. She’s not run one ad campaign to save Alaskan fishing sites from big oil or mining companies attempting to destroy the Alaskan waterways in the name of profits.

In fact, for someone who grew up in America’s last frontier and helped eke out a living by fishing its shores, Sarah’s not done anything at all to promote environmental preservation. (At least nothing that personally cost her a single penny.)

Show me what Sarah has accomplished for Alaska and her country since the summer of 2009 without citing speeches one must purchase a ticket to attend and don’t use the stale  ‘well she’s busy taking care of Trig’ because (a.) we know that’s not entirely true and (b.) she assured all of us, way back in September of 2008, that raising a child with DS would not come between her and her political duties, that she was a hockey mom with a servant’s heart and could do both with ease.

Since July 2009 Sarah has published 2 lucrative books, built a new home in Alaska, purchased another home in Arizona, made a self-serving television program and flown back and forth between Alaska, Arizona and California to supervise home improvements and appear on DWTS with her daughter, Bristol, (take a breath) but I hardly see these events as being beneficial to state or country. – and no proceeds were ever donated to charities.

She did make a 2011 pre-campaign-campaign tour of a few north-eastern US states (telling Piper they and her accompanying parents were on a family vacation) in a fully outfitted bus-length RV wrapped in $14k worth of PAC donation-paid political propaganda – all the while charging her PAC for hired limos and first-class hotel rooms and meals.

And so, Mr. M. Joseph Sheppard, you see we’re not just ‘catty’ over here on the left. We actually do our homework, get our facts straight and are not opposed to listening to the other guy’s point of view.

Show me how Alaska and the country have benefited from Sarah Heath Palin having quit her governorship. Show me where she’s shared her good fortune with those less fortunate. Show me.

Respectfully yours,

P.S. I am a copywriter by trade, fully employed and it’s no secret that as I have the luxury of working from my home, most of my typing is done in bunny slippers and pj’s.



My sincerest apologies to the photographer of this piece. I received it in my emails today, alongside reports of Sarah’s latest ignorant rant (directed at the President of Iran and the Obama Administraion) and absolutely could not resist pairing off the two. Nature herself could not have created a more perfect union of vision and thought.

Click image to enlarge:

 Wait – can an ignorant rant be called an igno-rant? Well that’s what I’m callin’ ’em from now on…

(By the way – feel free to cut and paste. I look forward to finding out who the brilliant photographer is and hope that he or she won’t mind that I wote on their awesome shot. Oz)

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Dear Harper Collins Publishing House,

What a disgraceful display of censorship. Having selected media banned from a  book signing, (Going Rogue, Sarah Palin, 22 Dec 2009,  Wasilla Alaska), an event listed and promoted by your company as a public event, was at the very least a shameful act of cowardice, unbefitting a business dependent upon a citizen’s right to freedom of speech. 

The local Alaskan media banned from this event had  every right to attend, to report, to ask questions of your author, and to get their copies of her book signed. None had reputations or past histories of creating public disturbances. They were neither armed nor posed any form of threat to your author. To ban certain media ahead of an event based solely on the premise they ‘might’ ask the hard questions or ‘might’ write an unfavorable review only shows how ill-deserved your client is of the fame you proffer her.

I am so appalled by your role in this anti-American act of media censorship I will never again purchase another book with the name Harper Collins on the jacket.

You’ve lost a long-time customer. 

Lynn ….

In light of how Gryphen, Dennis Zaki and Shannyn Moore were banned from the public book signing in Wasilla yesterday, I have just emailed the above letter to each of the addresses below.

I’m also urging all of my family and friends to cease purchasing any and all Harper Collins products and hoping you will all do the same.

United States of America
HarperCollins US
10 East 53rd Street
New York, NY 10022
United States of America
Tel: 1 212 207-7000

Australia Office
25 Ryde Road (PO Box 321)
Pymble NSW 2073
Tel: 02 9952 5000
Fax: 02 9952 5555

United Kingdom
HarperCollins UK
77-85 Fulham Palace Road
W6 8JB
United Kingdom

New Zealand
HarperCollinsPublishers New Zealand
31 View Road,
Glenfield, Auckland
New Zealand
Tel: 64 9 443 9400
Fax: 64 9 443 9403

While slogging my way through notes written more than a month ago to get back on track with my theories on Republican Scare Tactics versus President Obama’s Health Care Reform, I noticed a new comment and felt a need to post it here:

Dear Diane Soper

Dear Diane,

My husband, on the day of finally admitting he needed to see a doctor, was – in my opinion – perilously sick – and with mostly the same symptoms you’ve just described for your husband.

When the GP sent us home that first day with a script for antibiotics and instructions to return the following day I literally had to bite my tongue to keep still. I’d packed a bag ten minutes after I saw the wound, and did not understand the decision to send us home rather than to the hospital.

A week later this cautionary delay developed into emergency surgery with a team of four doctors. While spouse is doing well now, I should have made noise – a lot of it – back on day one.

There have been two other little ‘spots’ which I did make noise about and both were treated immediately.  After the second eruption was found this weekend, our schedule has again changed, this time to allow a nurse with a trained eye to check him every other day. He can’t take any more antibiotics for a while as he’s taken so many in such a short time (this, of course, is the downside of antibiotic treatments) so it’s even more important now that any new potential carbuncles be caught as early as possible.  And I not only examine his skin daily, I also watch for any change in his mood, eating or sleeping habits, which might also be symptomatic of something being wrong.

I have actually gone through two full scripts of antibiotics myself, with the annoying consequence of having a thrush (yeast)  infection that just won’t go away. So please know that all the careful cleaning, hand-washing, wearing of protective gloves and eyewear while unpacking his wound and repacking it again is not a guarantee of immunity against his infection.

Diane – we’re all behind you.  Listen to your gut. Your instincts matter. Make noise. Don’t be afraid to share all your concerns about your husband with his doctors. And take care of yourself because you are one-half of a team, not a spectator. All those good people out there who kept telling me to take care of me – they were all spot on.  It’s absolutely the best advice of all.

You and your husband are in my prayers, and I’m sure in those of our readers, too. Please let us know how you’re gettting on 🙂

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Tea Bagging Just Misses The Mark

It’s a bit odd that in a world where something like a third of the populaton is starving, Republicans have chosen to bogart a food substance as a symbol for – wait – what is it again the tea bagging is supposed to accomplish?

The original Boston Tea Party was a direct response by American colonists to an excessive tax on a particular tea they were forced to purchase from Britain.That’s a simplistic summary, I know, but if you want to know more, start here.

I’ve watched the news reports here in Australia, presented by reporters who can barely keep a straight face while reporting the story, the cable news reports from the US, read the news articles from a few US papers, and of course, read the perspectives proffered by my favourite bloggers (the list is just to your right over there >>).

For the life of me, I cannot find the connection. All I can come up with is some overly-zealous Republican had a ‘cutesy’ idea and from sheer lack of any other ideas, it became the number one play in the Republican playbook of ‘we can out-Dem the Dems if we can just come up with the right distraction’.

But here’s my problem in trying to connect the Boston Tea Party with today’s politics: Each of the United States, today,  is represented in Washington by two Senators and a number of Representatives (said number of which is determined by state population). This is above the number of elected officials on city, county and state levels, each ‘representing’ their own constituency.

For the Republicans to use ‘tea’ to represent their current cause, simply makes no sense. First because Americans are clearly not suffering from taxation without representation, and second because they are not being force-fed a particular brand of tea from a particular source, depriving themselves of choice or jeopardizing any local business.

And third because at least one of the tea bags held up by US newscasters to put a fine point on the Tea Bagging event is from a British-owned company which pays hefty import fees – to the US – in order to get their tea products into the US in the first place. Rather the complete opposite of the situation in 1773. (I’m betting some Republicans either didn’t know Lipton Tea wasn’t an American-owned Company before holding it up to ridicule, or that – in true Sarah Palin style, ala the infamous election scarf -.they were hoping no one would notice. Because that tactic’s worked so well for them in the past!)

What exactly is the Republican cause here? I didn’t actually understand the motivation behind the Tea Bagging until I watched this youtube video put on by The Young Turks. It might not be my cup of tea (sorry) but I’m willing to acknowledge that they nailed the Republican Party full stop.

Quote: [Why?] Because the Republicans don’t know what they’re doing.

So while this is not the style of editorializing I take in on a daily basis, (the main presenter often looks stoned because of the number of times he apparently needs to stop and read whatever material is printed on the inside of his eyelids) I am compelled to share it with you because of it’s simplistic accuracy.

The Young Turks are becoming quite popular with their postings on youtube, reflecting many common attitudes of today’s under 40 generation, and once in a while are even quite insightful. So barring the snarky-style and periodic stray towards porn, it’s possible even for us oldies to sit back and be entertained by this young man who bags (sorry again) the Republican’s latest public display of mediocrity.

Ok – the Republicans are asking the entire population of middle to lower class Americans, to relinquish their newly-received tax cuts under the Obama Administraion, in favour of rallying around the rich to repeal a slight tax increase recently imposed on those Americans who make millions of dollars each year in income and don’t actually pay their full share of taxes anyway due to tax loopholes procured for them by highly paid accountants and lawyers.

To put it simply, the Republicans have chosen one of America’s most cherished, historical events – and one which lead directly to their declaring independence from an oppressive monarchy, bringing about one of the most bitter battles in American history – to symbolize the new Republican platform of taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

Yes, my head’s cocked sideways and I’m squinting.

And what about the fate of all these tea bags once the bagging parties are over?

Are people meant to bring their own tea bag to these gatherings and then actually have a cuppa during the meeting? Are the bags going to be handled like flags at a footy game and then thrown away because after all they’ve been handled? Or are they going to be collected en masse to dump on the White House doorstep at some later date in a feeble attempt to embarass President Obama?

I’m guessing a couple of large donations to a few needful soup kitchens isn’t even being brewed…

Regardless of the Republican intention for the Tea Bagging ceremonies on 15 April 2009, I think it’s a rather sad commentary on their party priorities to encourage the wasting of perfectly good food during a time when millions of people are going a little hungry in order to pay their mortgage.

(Sent to Rep. Mike Doogan  01 Apr 09)

Dear Mr. Doogan

Now that I’ve had a chance to dust off my links and catch up on my reading, the reality of your December ordeal has finally come into the light. The penny’s dropped. I get it now. I was missing just a bit of information before but now I have the whole picture and I’m focused.



Good lord, I’ve been writing to you on the premise you’d received hundreds of emails because your written responses to fellow bloggers indicated you were flooded, inundated, DELUGED with complaints about Sarah Palin. You referred to them as “all those people” who were “bashing Sarah”, saying you felt the need to defend her even though you weren’t a Republican!

And you sat at your desk hammering out the sarcastic group email which ignited this mess on… wait for it… Christmas Eve??? And this struck you as a good idea? Could you not have just had another serve of turkey and mash instead? Maybe a nice Merlot and listened to Carols?

THIRTY EMAILS!!! That’s my inbox on a slow afternoon. My kids can text thirty emails in thirty seconds while drying the dishes and sorting their IPod music!

THIRTY EMAILS!!! You’re in politics Mr. Doogan! Correspondence rather comes with the territory! It’s in your JOB description! Pull your socks up! Get crackin’! Get a clue! Please! I’m running out of short cliche`s but I’m no longer sure you’d understand whole sentences!

Maybe this will help. Here’s a little sign I used to have hanging over my desk. I offer it to you as a gentle reminder of what it is the nice people in Alaska elected you to do in the first place:








(aka Lynn in Australia)

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