Having only sifted through a dozen or three of these emails so far (posted on Crevilla West) I have two initial observations.

First, it appears a fair portion of Walt Monegan’s job description (Chief of Police/Public Safety Commission) was to spend copious amounts of time monitoring newspaper Letters to the Editor sections for any complaints made against Sarah’s administration and to write rebuttals before they posed a problem for the governor’s image. I can think of a lot of things I’d be wanting my Police Chief to be focusing on – somehow my personal image isn’t among them. But that’s just me.

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03AUG2007-Sarah tracks letters to editors

Well you know the old saying – crooks  can afford the best cars – I’m for law enforcement having even  better cars so the Espalade in the fleet doesn’t really bother me. But that really isn’t the issue here. The issue should be… why was this even on Sarah’s desk? If you’re the governor of a state don’t you have hired hands to take care of this kind of small stuff so you are free to handle oh I dunno bigger issues like – governing?

If she does officially run for president her next bus slogan should read:

Sarah Palin – It’s All About Me Me Me!

Then – on her watch, a state trooper is sued for excessive force. The police stand behind the trooper, but the plaintiff (ultimately) prevails and is awarded $1,000,000. The following email shows what most concerned the governor about the matter…

27SEPT2007-Sarah vs Spitzer

Palin Put the ME in Meme!

Sarah Palin’s emails – what’s left of them after 2.5 years of an entire state administration redacting them and turning them into expensive paper copies – thanks to Crevilla West –  are now back in a searchable, electronic format and open to the public so anyone can search through them using any word or term for the serarch.

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Thanks Crevilla West!

Go!  Sift!  Discover!