Bristol Palin, IMHO, is just another victim of the era. She certainly isn’t the only unwed teen mother to surface in 2008, she was simply the most visible. Thanks mum, for making this ever-so-personal life experience an international event of epic proportions.

I do not for one minute believe becoming TCF Ambassador for the advocation of teen-abstinence was Bristol’s idea. While I do believe she was comfortable in speaking to an audience about her experience, I’m certain she would have been more comfortable and far more effective a spokesperson had she been allowed to speak about and represent the ideals and problems facing today’s teenagers as she honestly perceived them, not as she was directed to portray them.

Neither do I believe in the advocacy of abstinence-only contraception because it’s been proven unrealistic and ineffective time and time again. In fact, some argue that teaching abstinence-only is almost criminally negligent as it sends unsuspecting teens out into the world uneducated, unprepared and vulnerable to contracting venereal diseases, some of which are absolutely fatal.

And… Bristol Palin, who lives in a big house, surrounded by loved ones, who is never stressed about where her next meal will come from or whether she will have a warm place to sleep and a roof over her head is not like the very teenagers she’s meant to reach. She shares very few of their problems.

It’s observed in several comments on several (conservative included) blogs and websites, that TCF would have done much better to take up a young mother who was living in dire circumstances and offering her a leg up. That by hearing from a young girl who was actually living the negative side of being a teenage mother would have been more responsible on the part of TCF and proffered a more believeable spokesperson to the teenage community. At the end of the day, the most prevelant comment was that these teens would have preferred if TCF had given a more deserving teenager the rewards of being their ambassador. Bristol, quite frankly, didnt need anything.

To paraphrase a few teenagers’ comments, after attending Bristol’s 2009 townhall meeting, It’s hard to identify with Bristol. She flies around the country on a jet. Her mom makes lots of money. She doesn’t believe in abstinence anyway. She said so on TV.

No, I do not believe an abstinence-only regiment was ever on Bristol’s agenda. I sincerely believe the entire poster-girl-for-abstinence idea was yet another ill-conceived, poorly administrated scheme by Sarah to launch a second Palin into the lucrative business of public lecturing. And I’m betting that the ex-governor coached Bristol for the podium herself, as with Sarah’s inflated ego she would have considered herself an expert speaker now that she’s given a few $peeches-for-ca$h and undergone that rigorous *cough* training for the VP debate… (The Palins do have a penchant for circumventing the education process and going straight to the diploma/fund trust/cheque whether it’s earned or not.)

This morning, however, as my computer is hard at work sifting through resources and research with which to back my next few articles, I’m struck with a slight conundrum regarding Bristol’s infelicitous ambassadorship for TCF.

If Sarah Palin was so privacy-oriented, that she:  

  • Felt the need to hide her [alleged] seventh pregnancy from even her closest friends and co-workers for seven-plus months
  • Refused to allow news cameras to take the traditional photos of mom, dad and newborn child in the hospital when Trig was born
  • Omitted his birth certificate from public record

Why then, did she push her daughter and firstborn grandchild into the international spotlight? For almost a month, newsbites of Sarah all but crucifying David Letterman for a 6-second comedic jab he’d directed toward Bristol’s unwed pregnancy on late-night television (a joke she’d grossly exaggerated and repeatedly misrepresented) monopolized prime-time international news slots (much to the chagrin of most journos who’d preferred to have let the issue quietly die).

But back up a moment – it’s Sarah, herself who kept that particular embarrassment in the forefront of news cycles just as it was Sarah herself who initially walked Bristol out into the center of the gladatorial media ring, tethered her pregnant, underaged daughter to a public pole of humiliaton, then stood back and shouted, let the games begin!

So when Sarah Palin demands privacy at the top pf her lungs – what exactly does she mean? And for whom does she think it should apply?

As a VP candidate, of course the reality of her daughter’s pregnancy needed to be publicly announced. It’s one of those things (like your husband holding a seven-year membership with an active secessionist movement) that’s fated to become public, and the first rule of public relations says it’s better to get negative news out yourself rather than leave it for your adversaries to dig up later to use as political fodder, but…

…wouldn’t someone with such a deep feel for the right of privacy take the more dignified approach of simply making the announcement and then letting their child slip anonymously into the backdrop, gracefully letting her off the hook?

Methinks the lady doth protest too much…

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P.S. Trying desperately to find which Fox cable channel in Australia might air the US version of 60 Minutes with Steve Schmidt tomorrow night. We used to have that nice cable guide delivered once a month. At some point, while doing the year-end bills, spouse decided since he never read it, we didn’t need to keep paying for it and unsubscribed. It was one dollar a month. One. I told him we could save at least four times that amount by just giving up sex. Hear that? That’s the sound of spouse tripping over himself, frantically trying to find the telephone number of our provider 🙂

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Would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.
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