I am an American Australian. Other people call me a transplant. I prefer to think of myself as an ozymoron. That’s having a leg in two countries and defending the honour of both at the same time, all the while sorting through the political mud each one creates. (The countries, not my legs.)

Having family, friends and loyalties in two parts of the world is not a unique experience, but it does have it’s unique difficulties for anyone in the position. I encourage other ozymorons to express their observations, trials, frustrations and successes here, on this most politically incorrect platform.

                                                                                                 – OzMud

One Response to “Ozmud (‘ahh`zee muhd’)”

  1. Ack…I boo booed…I didn’t use “Ozmud” on my comment on the front page.

    I can’t delete it or I would!

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